No easy games this Year

Quite a feeling when you look at our schedule and every upcomming game looks like a ferocious knock down drag out rumble.
Every team in the league scares me. Edmonton is 0-3 but could easily be 3-0. And the Lions had another fantastically entertaining and tension filled outing against probably the best team in the league which came down to the last series for either team to win. I thought we were dead meat going 2 and out so often but it gave the defense a chance to say bring it on baby - we are as good as anyone. And that is with our starting middle linebacker and DT out. Hard to believe that the defense with so many rookies especially at linebacker could stand up to Calvillo not just for a few series but all game long under all kinds of field position.
What a year - who couldn't love it.

people who have nothing better to do than complain about attendance, or refs, or announcers, or stadiums, or security, or transit, or tailgating rules, and eventually, the weather.

Talk about being snake bit. I saw the Edmonton/Saskatchewan game and Edmonton owned that game only to yet again draw the short straw. Mercy me.

After watching Montreal last night and Saskatchewan today my impressions have changed. These teams can be beaten! It was B.C.'s game to win last night. It was Edmonton’s game to win today.

I’m looking forward to the next 3 games- sssso looking forward!

BC and Edmonton again this year will be fighting for last place in the west.

Edmonton 7-11
BC 6-12

The lions are as done like dinner this year, there are way to many changes they will have to make this year to compete i say go for last place get the first pick overall next year Canadian collage draft and clean house like Winnipeg and Toronto did and start all over at least then there would be some hope.

as long as Casey is the starter and Chaps is the offensive coordinator we are going no were.

the sask - edm game featuring the late Stamps fumble reminded me of an old 60's Mad cartoon. the wives are in the kitchen talking and one says to the other oh I let him watch Sunday football he says its his only joy in life and in the background are two guys staring at the game in the living room and one is wringing his hands saying what a time to fumble I'm going to kill myself.

Edmonton will be the only easy game. Otherwise, the league is very even this year and should make for some good football.

No offense there Dups, but have you seen the changes in the line up the last two years. We have practically a new offensive line. We made major changes in the defensive side of the ball. What more do you want?
So your telling us the Lions should tank the season and get the first overall pick in the draft and were trying to figure out why your whining about people not coming out to Empire??? Geez Dups you think if people caught on that the lions were tanking they would still show up at the game? Here have another drink and think that one through!
Hold it! Now your blaming Casey..Wow have you changed your tune in the last couple of years. You were one of few that wanted him back in the first place!
Three games in were done like dinner? Really you don't say. How many times have we heard you say that about the Lions the last two to three years? How many times have we heard you say that your done with the Lions? But your one the first one on here telling them how great they are once things start turning around for them, and the first one to leave them once the team starts to struggle!
I agree this team is struggling, and were not the only one. Its EARLY IN THE SEASON DUPS cmon.
It's still a long season ahead where teams do have time to make changes and made adjustments. We have the coaching staff and the players to do it.

and what proof do you have that we have a good team this year?

And how many times have you contradict yourself?How many times in the past two years coming on this board asking the Lions for change? Well there you go ! You have changes in the roster. What does rebuilding mean to you? But somehow you expect Wally to finish rebuilding after one year? How many years did you allow the Canucks to rebuild?And we all know your going to give the Canucks a little slack because thats the way you are.
How many times have we seen you pissed off with the LIONS saying it over only to see you come back with you tail between your legs once they proven you wrong?? How many times you jump off the bandwagon only to see you come back the following week saying how great they are?
And what proof do you have that they don't have what it takes to turn it around? How many poor starts have we seen in the past only to see them turn it around?
Its like you every year Dupsdell when their doing well you cheer them on and saying how great a certain players are doing . And like every year your predicable when they struggle you jump off the bandwagon and keep telling us your done with the Lions and this fourm. And every year you whine about the same thing ,,Attendance,weather, transit,stadium,parking, your dog look like a ticat and poop on your lawn or whatever. But every year is a new year and you come back cheering for the LIONS. Every year we have to hear you whine and whine that this is it your going to cheer for the Canucks..So which is it? Are you truly a LIONS FAN that going to stick with them no matter what or your one of those fans thats whine and gives up on them year after year when they struggle and just on board to complain about attendance and weather?
So how many fans like you give up on a team after THREE GAMES INTO A SEASON? Last time i checked it an 18 game season. And anything can happen between now and November.

You haven't met many Vancouver sports fans have you?

real ones, apparently not

Ohh i met my share Grims but i didn't think it was that But i guess so.

You and I finally agree on something! :wink: :wink: