No doubt Wally phoned the Montreal and Toronto coaches

After this evening Wally must have looked to the heavens and thanked the CFL gods- or placed a couple of well timed person to person long distance calls to coaches Trestman [Montreal] and Barker [Toronto] thanking each of them for their timely victories.

Who would have thunk it? Montreal knocks off Saskatchewan and Toronto comes back from behind to take care of the Eskies leaving the door wide-open for the Lions to move up in the standings by beating Calgary tomorrow.

Edmonton did what it needed to do- lose. The melonheads did what they needed to do.- they lost! What more can the Lions ask of the brotherhood?

The Stampeders will no doubt be salivating after they hear tonight's results knowing they can move into sole possession of 1st place in the west. And no doubt they will be reminded that they've beaten the Lions 7 straight and looking to make it eight in a row. Oh perish the thought.

Through recent interviews Wally Buono has tried to remain stoic in the face of adversity and criticism. When asked about the possible outcome against Calgary he was recently quoted as having said, " If we go 1 and 5 do we cancel the season? If we go 2 and 4 do we celebrate? You don't do either...."

Wally... Wally... Wally. OF COURSE YOU LET YOUR PLAYERS CELEBRATE if the team wins! And you celebrate too...along with your fans. Goodness man. You let the players revel and bask in victory knowing they have done something they've not succeeded in doing since July 04/10. You celebrate knowing the Lions finally beat a team they've not beaten since November 03 2007! You celebrate knowing your team finally put it all together and executed while remaining disciplined. THEN you get back down to business. Here's hoping..............................

Wally's getting more cantankerous with the media every single year. Even when BMac and Rintoul have him on the show, he gets pretty snarky at times. Or the classic Wally is just to talk about something completely unrelated to the question, but to go on long enough that no one even remembers the question. Ha!

I can understand why he may be snarky, his team is 1-4! Tho, Toronto did do the Lions a lot of good today by somehow pulling out a win.

doesnt do the lions any good if they dont win themselves.