No doubt that the CFL is the Greatest

Anyone who attended the showdown between the Calgary Stampeders and the B.C. Lions at B.C. Place did not leave home disappointed. The CFL truly offers the best entertainment value for CFL as a sporting event and is truly the greatest sporting organization in the world!

Those who were able to attend game witnessed Paul McCallum set a new CFL record for consecutive field goals in a season. The old record held by Dave Ridgeway was set at 28 back in '93. Paul came close last year when he reached 24. This year he would not be denied his moment in the sun. In fact he has been basking in the sun all season at the ripe old age of 41.

Tonight Paul tied Ridgeway's record at 28 by kicking a 47 yarder. No small feat [no pun intended] considering his age, his kicking range and the distance he had to kick the field goal. Paul wasn't finished. He went on to kick a 46 yarder and establish a new Canadian football record at 29! Later in the game he would add to this record by making it 30 consecutive field goals. But Paul still wasn't finished. With only 02 seconds left on the clock and the Lions down 31-30 Paul was called upon to kick one of his longest field goals: 53 yards! [His best was a 62 yarder but even he would admit that was rare for him]. With only two seconds left on the clock the game was on the line. 1st place was on the line. A chance to wipe out an earlier missed field goal that culminated in a 122 yard run back by Calgary to take the lead and what appeared like a victory was on the line. In fact the chance of finishing 1st by the end of the season may have even been on the line since Calgary would have gone up by two whole games. Only a handful of fans had left the stadium thinking Calgary would not be denied victory tonight. Everyone in our section was holding their breath.

The ball was snapped, Jackson set the ball, McCallum kicked it. And then there was silence.....silence that seemed to last forever. It was surreal waiting for the ball to either fall short, go wide, hit the uprights or......... drop through the uprights. And THAT IT DID. The ball just cleared the cross bar with a Calgary returner standing no more than arms length from the goal's anchoring post. Everyone looked for red nylon on the field but there was none! The Lions won their 7th straight game against a team that just would not lie down. The entire team cleared the bench in jubilation. Even Calgary players were congratulating Paul McCallum. Such is the greatest league in the sporting world. The Lions are in top spot at least for this week no matter what Edmonton does against Saskatchewan on Monday. Well done Paul McCallum. Well done B.C. Lions!

On that Note.....where the Hell....were "YOU" and the rest of your "FLAG WAVING" CFL Fans , at Last Nights Game??
The "NEW" Stadium was an Embarrassment.......with it being TOMB like, "AGAIN".... from the lack of "FAN SUPPORT"!
"IF"?..........the CFL was the GREAT Organization LOL and the Greatest Game played LOL, as Beagle, so Proudly states that it is...LOL......the "Brand NEW" BC Place Stadium ...would have been "SOLD OUT" ( Not Half EMPTY) for a FIRST Place Battle with the present FIRST PLACE the Worlds Greatest League! LOL
The "FACT" that the "NEW" BC Place Stadium was half a Testiment tot he FACT.......that NO Two S%#TS about this "SEMI PRO" League!
Hey........there is no dening thta the Game was a GREAT Game to actually "BE AT" "WE" were!
But......I have been to some GREAT Little League Games and some unbelievable Rep Hockey Games as well.......but....just because, the games were GREAT to Watch......that doesn't make those Little League Games or those Rep Hockey Games.......any less Amateur than the CFL is!
The "NEW" Stadium being half EMPTY.........when the HOME Team is playing the FIRST PLACE Team for "FIRST PLACE"......says it ALL.......about your "SEMI PRO" League! LOL
You supposed "PRETEND" Football Fans...are really Pathetic to say the least!
I am a Big Fan of Sports.......I am a Fan of Football....... whether that be "Real" Football...... "American" and "Canadian" College Football.... "Semi Pro" Football ......."Junior" Football........"Minor" Football, but each level of Football has it's own appeal.
Just because I happen to think ( As well as others do) that the CFL is a Minor League Program and a "Semi - Pro" League at Best.........I am still a Fan of "FOOTBALL".....whether it be the NFL or a Semi Pro game!
My Point is........"IF".......the CFL was such a GREAT Game????..........LOL........then.......WHY?????.....was the game not on TSN Regional ......"YOUR" own "NUMBER ONE" Sports Net Work in Cana DUH.....last night??? LOL
TSN chose, to Televise a MAJOR League "Baseball" Game instead, of Televising a "SEMI PRO" Match Up between Two "SEMI PRO" teams playing in a "SEMI Pro" League.........for "FIRST Place"? LOL
A "Major League" Baseball game........Bumped Off.......a "Semi Pro" Football Game .....of your "NUMBER ONE" Football Network! LOL
Now.......THOSE are the FACTS!
The Stadium........was HALF EMPTY! LOL

It was a disappointing crowd, but are your posts really necessary? Everyone knows you hate the CFL. Let everyone else enjoy it.

Brad, once again...I do not HATE the CFL , if I did.....I would not have Seasons Tickets.
What I do Hate is......."PRETEND" CFL Fans, or "PRETEND" Football Fans, who are in absolute Denial!
We were both really Disappointed, in the Total LACK of any Support at all, from "THIS" Group of Loyal CFL Fans, who would rather park their CHEAP Butts in front of their TVs.....hoping to receive ....for "FREE" ...what us True Fans.......happen to PAY FOR....Year after YEAR!
Al these supposed LOYAL Fans on this Forum, all LOVE to shoot off their mouths about how GREAT the CFL game is....YET.......None of them......put their own Money behind the Game!
We Do "SUPPORT" the spite of what ever we might personally think or Feel, about the League or the Game itself.
We do not HATE the Game or the League.......but we think.......that the League is a "B" League at best.
That is our own personal Opinion.
Whether or not, these Leaches on here, like our views or not......who cares?
But.....we do Support the Lions and the CFL with our MONEY and by having our BUTTS in the each and EVERY GAME!
That Seasons us the voice our own Personal Opinions, just as much as Beagle, Fruity, VanH, or yourself has the Right to do it.....with out spending One Dime, in Support for the game......that you might happen to soooooooooo Effing Great!
Your own Opinions!
The Facts are........that ........the "BRAND NEW" Stadium was HALF spite of the Lions....playing a First Place Team....for FIRST PLACE!
BC Place Stadium.........was a was EMPTY!
The Game was not even Televised on TSN "Standard" was advertised!
Even TSN could careless about the CFL and it's Fans....due to it being just the CFL.
I Love to Push the Buttons, of the "KNOW IT ALL" Morons on this site.......I find it Highly Entertaining, to read.....just how Angry and All Up Set they get, when someone Reveals them and their "Semi Pro" League, to be........ what they both, really are.
SAD.......for the most part!
The FACT that the "NEW Stadium" was Half EMPTY.......the FACT that even TSN wanted nothing to do with, a First Place Battle between the Two Top Teams in their "Semi Pro" League........just confirms.......the FACT.......that the CFL is a Second RATE League......with "Second Rate" "PRETEND" Fans at Best!
It is really easy, to Support your Team and your League in Print....while sitting on your "CHEAP" BUTTS at Home......BUT......the FACT that the Stadium was Half EMPTY......just goes to Show........that ONLY a FEW........really care at all.....about either the CFL or about the LIONS!
We are at EVERY GAME........where the Hell are the rest of you Loyal Fans?
The Game was Great last night.......the Attendance was an Embarrassment.....For the League, and for the Lions.
Just as you "PRETEND" Loyal Fans are!

You never let the real fact's bother you eh. The break even point for the Lions is 23,500, like it's there fault they play in a 54,000 seater. Hockey is the number one sport in this country, but all the arenas with the exception of Toronto don't sell out every game, and this from a sport that is more or less a religion in this country. i'm sure TSN had over 650,000 watching and the CFL is moving from a ticket based revenue, to soon being a tv base revenue, much like the great NFL. you don't seem to real care about fact's or football, so I will play your game. I was at the game last night and we had over 52,000 there, it was packed. i was sitting with some ex NFL players who stated that the CFL is the BEST football league in the world and they wished they had the talent to play up here.

The facts are Fruity.....that BC Place Stadium was a TOMB, last night!
On a night, when "First Place" Calgary, was playing "Second place" and your other Loyal CFL Fans, who support the Lions with only your Moronic Mouths, as opposed to your Dollars or your Attendance, should have had the place packed!
TSN thought so much of the game and the CFL,.....that half of the Lions Fans, could either not find it at all, or for some of the guys... unfortunately not have access to TSNHD!
So "Fruity" the hell do you have 650,000 watching the game, on their CHEAP Butts at home, when very few fans, could even find the game?
As mentioned before.....the Calgary Flames were playing the Pittsburg Penguins, at the exactly same time on CBC, and apparently......from CBC's Numbers?.....The Flames Hockey game, is where the Majority of the TVs were tuned into....the NHL Game....and the rest of the Majority viewers, were tuned into, the World Series game, that was being played on your TSN ( CFL Football Network!) "Number One" Sports Network! LOL
You really are a MORON!
You continue to prove that "FACT" so very True and and so very Accurate!

The over 30,000 in the Dome, would have been a sell out in over half the stadiums in the league. Again just because you don't beleve the TV ratings does not mean there not real dude. Have you seen the TV rating in this country for the world series, there terrible . playing your game, i was at the dome and it was packed we had 53,000 down there, it was great. What's with the name calling, can't deal with the facts

Actually a couple years back a private citizen wanted to build a stadium on the waterfront for the Lions and Whitecaps to play out of. It would have been a 30-35k seater in a horseshoe shape with the open end facing the north shore mountains over the water. And it would have cost Vancouverites nothing.

But nobody in City Hall was going to get a kickback (I have to assume) because they said no. So we spent $600 million of taxpayer money to put a new roof on an old building.

You are correct it isn't the Lions' fault. However I for one have been left with a bad taste in my mouth ever since.

The New Stadium is Great!
But......For the Lions and the White Caps to play their kind of Ball, in there?
Talk about Over Kill and a waste?
Empire was perfect, for the type of Crowds and Numbers,that will take in any of their games.
A $600,000,000 Debt, to be Rubbed in our tax paying Faces, ever time that we go in there, to see the place Half Empty.......after ONLY One Game!
What a total Waste, of the Tax payers money!

you know what backer I would love to go to some of these games but I cant with out having to spend a fortune on the hotel as I live on the island and a 700 or 730 start time is to late to make the last ferry. They used to have special event ferries to get you back to the Island but stopped that awhile ago. So to say us so called fans are just staying home because we are to lazy to come out to the games is unfair and uncalled for.

Sorry to hear that Stamphater. The ferry trip, food, tickets and hotel would really add up real fast. Were you able to pick up the game on television last night? It was truly vintage CFL pro football at its very best!

The Lions do have their work cut out for them. They were well deserving of the win but Cornish gave them trouble. The run backs after punts were problematic too. I'm sure they'll make some adjustments. I just love the way Arland Bruce is playing. Harris is doing a real number on the opposition as well. You've got to admire how far Travis Lulay has progressed over the year. What I notice is that the guy is smart and learns from his mistakes. The time management issue could have been devastating had Harris not been tackled with just 2 seconds left on the clock. I'm sure Travis will be much more aware of when the clock starts and when it doesn't. But boy did it ever make for a phenomenal finish. I still have the game recorded and will probably keep it for awhile. I want to see McCallum's 53 yarder over and over. :smiley: Maybe its on youtube. I haven't checked it out.

Most importantly if Calgary and the Lions are tied in points and are top, the Lions will take 1st place having won the series.

Sorry Stamphater,
I was not directing those comments, at the Fans like yourself, who are from out of Town.
I was directing those words, at the ones, who live in the Lower Mainland, itself.
I was actually shocked, and really disappointed in the lack of better Support for the Lions, and a much Better Turn out, over all....just based on the importance, of the game.
Everyone on here, talks a really Good Show, about how much they Love the CFL and much they Love the Lions..but...obviously......very few of these Great Fans, ever put their money ...where there Big mouths are!
Last week, when we had the Opening of BC Place......the BIG Complaint and Bitch was the fact, that the Opening Night and Game, was being held on a Friday Night!
Well......all of these BIG CFL Lovers and Supporters, were all they would love to come out to the Game, but...a Friday Night game, made it really difficult, for those who had Family and Kids, in order to get out, to the game, on a Friday Night!
Funny how Canuck Fans, who have games on every day of the week, never ever seem to encounter , these kind of problems? we are, one week later plus that Day, that they wanted....and what happens, to all of these Bitching Fans?
NONE of then Show Up to the Game, in spite of it being held, on a Saturday evening, with No Canucks Game, being the same time!
The "Two Best Teams" in the league, were going to Battle for "First Place"......and Not one of these Mouth Pieces, Show Up, for the BIGGEST Game of the Year ( To Date), and to top that off, "if" it was not just the game itself, that was a reason in it's self to come on would have thought, that wanting to see the Brand "NEW" Stadium, would have been another Great reason, to show up, and to support your Team?
Whether a team plays in a 54,500 seat Stadium or a 30,000 seat Stadium.....doesn't really matter, if you are not able to FILL It or at least Fill it out!
I felt really sorry for the Two Teams, and the Two inductees, who had to play in front of, and had to be inducted, in front of, a Half EMPTY Stadium.
I did notice, a lot more Kids at the Game on Saturday night thou, but......the Lions are dropping the Ball, Big Time, on getting more BUTTS into the seats, by offering the Upper section, at a much much lower priced ticket.
They can gouge us Fans, what ever they want for our "Play Off" Games ( We Hope) and our Grey Cup Tickets, ( Which they have, for our 6 Grey Cup seats!) ....but.......when are the Lions going to realize......that putting people into the Seats, at a "can't refuse to come to a game" price, will not only be good for the Ambiance of the Stadium, but for the game and for the Team as well, as far as Future Fans, are concerned.
Playing before a Half Empty Stadium. is really Disappointing to see.......Live!
What's the Point, of having the other 25,000 EMPTY Seats??
So Stamphater......Since the Lions are obviously, not about to do anything for you, in order to make your "Pricey Trip" a little bit more reasonable, for you.
Me...being the really Nice guy ( LOL) that I am, have an offer for you!
If you are actually sincerely wanting to come on over, to attend a game, in the New Stadium......We are able to help you out.
Get back to us, and lets see, just how serious you are, about taking a game in?
Some times.....Good things happen to those, who are Truly..... "Real" Fans.

I remember that YoEleven. The site location was to be just east of the Pan Pacific. I did not know the financing details but it makes sense. That venue would have been superior and just as easily accessible.

Vanhalendlrband made an excellent comment the other day. He said he was just as happy in the old B.C. Place. Though the place appeared somewhat dingy and "dirty" looking in some respects there were still many great games played there and the fan enthusiasm was electrifying at times. This city and province will never justify $623 million dollars.... EVER!...............especially for a roof that has only a one year warranty and is already leaking. We actually had a few water droplets come down on us. No big deal for us or those sitting around us but you have to

The seats are fine but I was just as happy with the old ones. The seats are padded in many sections. That's a nice touch but I wonder about their resilience over time. The scoreboard is small and cluttered. It shows how many points the teams scored in each quarter. I don't really care. They also took away the teams' logos off the score board. I wish they hadn't but that's just my preference. One thing I've never understood is the color of the artificial turf and the white washed out looking numbers and lines. I don't know if that is for the benefit of HD viewers [where it can be enhanced] or for some other reason. There is a definite difference in color when you look at the field and player jerseys and then look at the HD screen. Orange on the field has a more reddish appearance. I was hoping they would use a dark rich green and solid white numbers on the turf instead of those faded looking colors. Improved end zones would have been nice too. Again its a personal preference. A lot has been said about coming with cup holders. Funny, but I saw a lot of fans still putting their drinks down on the floor. The HD screen is a nice touch and was not as distracting [at least to us] this time as it was last game against Edmonton. The acoustics are supposedly better. I can't say that I notice much difference. Maybe they are.

All in all the changes are nice but many were not necessary and not worth a price tag of $623 million but we're all stuck with it so we may as well enjoy it for those who can afford to go to the games. By the way, stay away from the food concession stuff. We were adventurous this time around and tried the little sugar coated donuts and a hamburger. A buck and half more if you wanted cheese! They were terrible...for the price! :thdn:

Are you talking about the water that was coming down in the NE corner (section 218/219ish)? We sit on the other sideline so we weren’t sure where it was landing - although my wife suspected it might be hitting fans in the first few rows. Hopefully that’s the only leak, but if we’re talking about different spots then uh oh. At least it hardly ever rains here in Raincouver.

No, that was on the visitors side. We're on the Lions side of the field! I saw some news item yesterday that said some fans actually had to be moved because it was so bad. We just had a few droplets. We even tried to catch a couple of them as we saw them coming

So Stamphater......Since the Lions are obviously, not about to do anything for you, in order to make your "Pricey Trip" a little bit more reasonable, for you.
Me...being the really Nice guy ( LOL) that I am, have an offer for you!
If you are actually sincerely wanting to come on over, to attend a game, in the New Stadium......We are able to help you out.
Get back to us, and lets see, just how serious you are, about taking a game in?
Some times.....Good things happen to those, who are Truly..... "Real" Fans.
I appreciate that Backer. Although I cam a little skeptical about taking in offers from someone I have never met especially on a forum. But I wouldn't mind meeting you at one of the games If it can be arranged but the problem is the late starts. My father-in-law and I have been to the afternoon games as we can still make the ferry back after the game. Maybe we can meet at one of the afternoon games next year and go from there cause beleive me if I can go to more games I would.

Hey Stamphater,
When I read your reply, about not being able to afford ( or Justify the cost) to come over, due to the Cost involved of Hotels etc.
My offer, was not so much...about meeting at a game, what I was referring to was,.....that if you are actually seriously wanting to attend a game at BC would be more than welcome, to stay at our place, downtown...."Free" of charge!
How much Damage can you do, in just one night?
It' s Insured.....No Worries! lol
The place never gets used, as we have it as a back up, for family, friends, or ourselves to use, when ever we or they, are downtown.
It is within, a very easy short walk to BC Place,....and located just off of, the better part of Robson street.
Hey......helping out a "Real" Fan, who is actually wanting to attend a game, is what Sports and Life are all about.
Ya.....I come across as an "A" Hole....with my own personal opinions, is all said, with Tongue in Cheek!
Helping out others, is always a nice thing to do!
Get back to me at, are serious, about taking in a game?

hey backer I just sent you an email