No doubt about it... Glenn is tough

Boy oh boy, Kevin took some big shots in the Lion's game.

There were a few where I thought that he might not be able to get up and keep playing. The direct blow that he took from Solomon Elimimian looked liked it rocked him back into yesterday. The shot on his left arm later in the game looked like it caused some major pain as well.

I know some footballers don't really get into the game until they get hit a few times and then the juices get flowing but I would hate to see Kevin take too many hard blows that could knock him out of action for a while.

Kudos to K.G. for hanging in there and getting the job done. :cowboy:

I liked the way Brucie yes Brucie threw Elimimian to the ground after some rough play toke place, Arland is a tough guy you rarely see get mad at a opposing player. :thup:

He'll take bigger shots this week Montreal's D_line are Monsters

Several times when there were no receivers in in his sights
he ran straight into tacklers with no time to hook slide, too.

I don't recommend that quarterbacks and kickers motivate themselves that way.