No DJ at Argos Game

Don't know if anyone noticed but for the entire first quarter of the Argos game that irritating DJ was not screaming at fans from the sidelines (maybe he was next door emceeing the Rhianna concert) and the horrible canned music was not blaring between plays.

It was great. Fans actually shouting out on their own, starting their own cheers, ragging the Argos bench. Just like a real football game.

Then in the second quarter that idiot showed up, telling people when to cheer, same canned music, drowning out the crowd.

God I despise that guy's act and the Lions' cheesy choice to engage him and constantly blast music at us.

I heard watching the game live with the Team 1040 in your earphone is pretty cool. I actually like listening to the radio while watching at home too.

Solid suggestion. May have to go the earphone/Team 1040 route to negate the DJ/canned music.

I once met Jennifer(?) from the Lions at a club function. She books the DJ and choreagraphs the activities between plays. Very nice woman. She insisted the feedback she received regarding the DJ was very favourable. Cannot imagine.

Just wondering about the earphones/Team 1040 at home idea. Must be when you are only listening to the game. I never enjoy listening to the radio while watching the game because of the TV broadcast delay.

The advice came from my little brother. Havent tried it myself yet. If you do lemme know how it went.

instead of that annoying DJ why don't they just show my NOISE banner when they want the crowd to be loud.

my NOISE banner looks better than that silly Fan O Meter; then again, that's paid advertising

I like the music they play on breaks , it makes for a party atmosphere, I agree that its kinda cheesy telling people when to cheer like we're a bunch of imbeciles.But you hate to see someone lose their job so maybe it works or something because other teams hate playing here.

I like in the old days at Empire they had the d-fence and o-fence signs where half the stadium yelled the first part and the other side the fence part that was cool