No Danny Mac?

I thought for sure they would have put him in at the end of that 4th quarter. Interesting....

So is he going to retire now? He had very little playing time this season. What did they say on CBC...he only made 28 passes this season?

The Stamps went down with their best guy, which is standard practice for most teams that get clueless at the wrong time.

Burris was throwing off his back foot for most of the game. Unfortunately, he is not Tom Clements doing that, since the ball Tom threw while on the run was consistently on a flatter plane than the arm punts Henry was putting up yesterday.

Personally, I was rooting for the Green Riders because of the B.S. earlier surrounding the Stamps receiving corps' shennigans, especially vs. Geroy Simon.

Note to the Stamps: you can only trash talk when you've actually WON something. Not that I'm a trash talk advocate, but... :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,

Sask has beat up on Danny pretty bad the last couple of years, I don’t think he would have got it done against them. Saskatchewan’s defence isn’t getting the credit they deserve, especially that rookie Loyd, he was making plays all over the field.

A thread and sentiment that could ONLY EXIST on THIS BOARD!!

I mean, of the 30 thousand Stamps fans at the game - HOW MANY do you think were chanting Danny Mac's name ? Seriously.



Ummm Mean , i`m pretty sure thier not chanting Henry Burris name either !!!! He is the biggest chocker in the CFL .... SERIOUSLY !!!!!!!!!!

But he is better than Maas from what I can see. Let's bring him here.

In theory, Burris has already won several Grey Cups. He can run, he can throw, he's Mr Excitement, he can run ... blah blah blah. Of course in reality he can't win the big game.

Also in theory, McManus has never won anything. Look at the guy - he can barely make it onto the field from the sidelines before the 20-second clock runs out. Of course in reality, he was one of the best clutch players of his era. Always came up big when it mattered most.

Are Danny's best days behind him? Sure. Does he still have any gas left in the tank? In theory perhaps not. In reality we'll never know. But at least Higgins has the luxury of having lots of time now to ponder that question. Unlike his counterpart in Toronto, who made the gutsy decision to pull an ineffective QB and now lives to fight another day.

hamilton could of had kerry joseph.

too bad

Instead we got Holmes. I'll take him over anybody in the CFL right now.

I was confused at the beginning of the season when we signed Josh Ranek, I thought for sure Joseph would be a great fit. But as the season unfolds and Ranek is now gone I guess it did work out for the best.

Pinball relaces Damon at a desperate time, with a very erratic underachieving Bishop and he leads a comeback.

Calgary leaves Burris in the game in the midst of a pathetic performance, with an experienced clutch veteran QB D.Mac on the sidelines, and they lose.

Last year Maas saved the day off the bench for Edmonton a couple of times in the playoffs.
Seems like a good idea.

Great call Pinball, enjoy coaching the Eastern finals.
Lousey call Higgins, enjoy watching the Western finals.

I wonder ALOUD ...
Did any of the Higgins bashers WATCH the game ?

Did any of the bashers happen to NOTICE the kind of PRESSURE Burris was feeling ... snap after snap ?

IF any of the disciples of King Danny BELIEVE he would have done better than Burris under those circumstances - please, share with, cause I could use a GOOD LAUGH right about now !!


P.S - Another thing I have noticed on this board ... Saskatchewan gets ZERO RESPECT around here. Makes me want to start a POLL ...

How many members will be surprised if the Riders BEAT DOWN B.C next week ?

Meanstreak, I'll try to make you laugh.

As I posted above, it is a theoretical impossibility for Danny to deal with pressure, given his lack of mobility. Hence his theoretical failure to achieve any success in his career.

And then of course, there's reality. Danny has the quickest release going, and this goes a long way towards beating the pressure.

Ever notice that the blitz-crazy Matthews-led Alouettes used a completely different strategy against McManus than they did against anyone else?

Ever notice that McManus' teams set records for a ridiculously low number of sacks in a season? You can't attribute that all to the fact that he had a high interception count (as in threw the ball up for grabs rather than getting sacked). It's due to the quick release. Honestly.

Would he have done better than Burris? Who knows? Maybe. Could a journeyman like Bishop do better than Allen? Could an old man like Wilkinson do any better than Moon in the 1981 Grey Cup?

Thank-you Ex-Pat ... it wasn't exactly a SIDE SPLITTER but it worked just the same.

You know, Ben Johnson was ONCE the fastest man on earth ... but do you really think he is winning any competitive sprints these days ?

How many YEARS past D-Mac's RETIREMENT will THIS site still be calling for his "quick release" to come off the bench ?

All good things must come to an end ... including D-MAc's playing days ...


Here's a prediction. We will all forget about Danny McManus when a Tiger-Cat QB has a season good enough to make us think of the present and future instead of the past.

I'm a strong DMac fan, but Danny's days on the field are at an end I think. He's a certain HOF member, and I hope he fulfills his ambition to enter the management/ business side of the game. Any team in the league would benefit from having a quality individual like him on board.

I think if they had of put in DMAC they would still be playing. :?

That'll happen the same time fans think pulling starting QBs after every mistake or loss and putting in career backups is the answer to every offensive problem and stop thinking a chronically unreliable placekicker will suddenly become good.

I think that Calgary might still be playing (better for B.C. I think) that if Danny had been put it. Calgary shot themselves in the foot, by keeping in a struggling QB, when the back-up sitting on the bench has a lot of playoff experience, and can be brilliant in the hurry-up offence.