No Danny Mac at O.C.

Hiring Priorities

The Hamilton Spectator Nov.27 2008

Ken Peters

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The Spec

[Marcel] Cat head coach will look first at filling offensive co-ordinator's job.

Head coach Marcel Bellefeuille has pegged the insertion of
a new offensive co-ordinator as his first hiring priority.

Bellefeuille, who was promoted from that same position
in September after Charlie Taaffe started 2-8,

was still doing the job at season's end,

assisted by former Tiger-Cat offensive
and quarterback coach Danny McManus.

But McManus, who wants to remain with the organization,
prefers to focus on the personnel side of the operation

rather than return as a coach, leaving the position vacant.

Good thinking, Danny.

Much more security there than in the coaching side, Danny.

I hope Obie gets you started in a management/personnel position
and that we get to see you around the CFL for a very long time.

Not that you can replace an icon like Ron Lancaster, but I think Danny Mac could fill a similar role with the team in the future. He certainly has the CFL pedigree for it.

An Argo-Cat fan

It sounds to me like all the existing coordinators (Easley and Creehan) will be fired/replaced. Why else would Bellefuelle be interviewing other candidates for those posts?

It will be interesting to see if other coaches (Kropke, D-Line; Beamer, O-Line) will also be chopped. Their units certainly underachieved, but did those coaches have adequate personnel to work with in 2008?

The DB Coach was not bad … I think it was system.
I am Glad Danny is staying on Maybe he be our GM when Obie Retires…

Who are the candidates for the co-ordinator jobs? imo Jim Daley(ex Bombers/ Riders HC and former CO. would be a good fit for either position,Doug Barry (ex Bombers HC could be a good Co ordinator if he keeps a low profile. and both would be ready for promotion to H C in needed.

Why don't they make Dan an assistant GM like Marcel is in Montreal. Dan could train under O'Bill. But I guess Dan is better off working with the Young QBs.

Bugsy has the right idea! Keep Danny Mac in the organization and actually prepare the organization for the someday retiring of Obie. He will eventually retire, and wouldn’t it be nice to be ready for that rather than just getting any one to fill the spot. Danny played for the team for 8 years, worked in the community, gets along well with the media, and even Jake Ireland loved him. Not a bad mix to keep in our corner!

Seems to me Jim Daley was a defensive coordinator in Winnipeg before becoming head coach, not sure he's the man for the offensive coordinator role. Berry, for all his real or perceived failings as a head coach in Winnipeg, always did have a good record as offensive coordinator in Montreal.

Come to think of it, Daley, while he was generally considered a failure as a head coach both in Saskatchewan and Winnipeg, did have a fairly good record as defensive coordinator with those two teams before being promoted.

So, maybe Berry as OC and Daley as DC might not be too bad (could it be any worse than what we've seen the past two years?)

No shortage of qualified candidates on either side of the ball:

O.C.: Berry, Barrett, Burrato (can't see him keeping his job in Toronto)
D.C.: Stubler, Daley, Greg Marshall (Kelly might want to bring in his own crew in Winnipeg)

And that's not even counting the unknown names from the U.S. who could become success stories in 2009 like Trestman and Hufnagel were in 2008.

I read in a thread on here somewhere that the Ticats had hoped to bring Duane Forde in for such a role before he was enticed by a too-good-to-refuse offer from TSN.