No Damon Allen? A disgrace!

The wait period is 3 years. He seems to qualify.

Ok but there are others who qualify that retired before he did! like DMack and Montford. the later arguably the best D.E. in Canadian football history!!

I liked him, come on guys, he was never GREAT. His numbers are nice, but they came with longevity. I will say I am more impressed by his running than his passing though. He will be inducted, but it isn't insulting that he was not inducted this year.

Count me in on the 'Damon Allen doesn't need to go in this year' faction.

Don't get me wrong, he should be in, and will go in. It's been said before... not EVERYONE with a great career should go in on the first ballot.

According to Lefko, here are the players to be inducted in their first year of eligibility:
George Reed (last game 1975, inducted 1979); Jackie Parker (last game 1968, inducted 1971); Hal Patterson (last game 1967, inducted 1971); Lui Passaglia (last game 2000, inducted 2004); Warren Moon (last game CFL 1983, last game NFL 2000, inducted 2001); Ron Lancaster (last game 1978, inducted 1982); Brian Kelly (last game 1987, inducted 1991); Russ Jackson (last game 1969, inducted 1973); Garney Henley (last game 1975, inducted 1979); John Helton (last game 1982, inducted 1986); Wayne Harris (last game 1972, inducted 1975); Tony Gabriel (last game 1981, inducted 1985); Doug Flutie (last CFL game 1997, last NFL season 2005, inducted 2008); Tommy Joe Coffey (last game 1973, inducted 1977).

All of these players would come up in a debate of 'greatest ever' at their respective positions. As for the QBs, can anyone honestly say (besides Lefko) that Allen belongs in the same class as Parker, Moon, Lancaster, Jackson, and Flutie? Don't think so.

Damon Allen suffers from 'Brett Favre' syndrome. Inflated stats due to a long career, that gets him misdirected into 'greatest ever' territory. Also in this list, Emmitt Smith,

Don't get me wrong, he was a great player, and should go in. But at no time during his career, was he the best at his position.


No, as great as Joe was, I have to disagree. He was great for 5 years ('98 to '02) and beyond that, didn't do much. Mind you, for those 5 years he was dominant, and arguably the best defensive player in the game during that span. But greatest DE ever? Nah. I'll go with Covington on that one.

Interesting analysis The Hammer…
Again I was not a huge fan but if a guy that holds the world record in passing, won 4 championships, was MVP in 3 of those, was 3rd leading rusher isn’t a first time eligible hall of famer then no one is.
Four grey cups…3 MVPs …think about.

Its not a knock that he played for 23 years. My gawd. Its a miracle.

BTW he was back-up in his first two years and missed 1.5 seasons due to injury. But slamming him for longevity by keeping himself fit to play is beyond sanity in my mind. It should be celebrated. And its not like he hung on too long. He was leaque MVP in 05, good in 06 and hurt in 07. retired in 08.

But as you say he’ll get in. But there seems to be something else in play here. A retribution of some kind. It defies logic.

I’ll add : I was around both Vancouver and Edmonton during his years there and in both towns he was never a fan favorite nor was he ingratiating to the press. His languid style always seemed to rub folks the wrong way. They loved guys like Dunigan much more for his concussion leading style.

Just my opinion but seeing Dunigan (who Allen replaced in Edmonton after saving the previous Grey Cup after a shaky Dunigan first half) and Mullin(Van. Media) on the commitee I see two non- votes there. I’m sure they and other commitee members have their reasons and they do not talk about those in public.

Its tough to compare CFL career passing stats to NFL stats but we seem to rank pro QBs in Canada against their U.S. counterparts all the time.

Consider for much if not all of Allen's career, he played an 18 game schedule which depending on his particular average, probably added 600 yards per season to his stats vs. his NFL counterparts who played 16 game seasons. Also, because of the nature of the respective games (3 downs, big field, unlimited motion), starting QBs in Canada will generally have higher average per game passing yards than their NFL counterparts. Maybe someone could find a hard source but I believe league average for passing yards per game is something like 280 in the CFL vs. 210ish in the NFL.

So that Farve pretty much matched Allen's career passing yards and far surpassed Allen in TDs is all the more commendable because he did it in a league where its just harder to amass those kinds of numbers.

If he isn’t in next year, something is wrong. I watched many up and down games under the dome with him as our QB. He’s certainly an amazing talent but its gotta be his inconsistancy that cost him this year.