No Damon Allen? A disgrace!

No Damon Allen? A disgrace!

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The leading career passer in professional football history, who just happens to be the third- leading rusher in the Canadian Football League, was not elected to the Canadian Football Hall of Fame when the Class of 2011 was announced on Friday.

This is not only a joke, but an insult. And it’s an abomination of responsibility. The very notion that Damon Allen was passed over in his first time as eligible for the Hall borders somewhere between absurd and unexplainable.

Most yards passing. Most yards rushing for a quarterback. Not just the CFL. Any FL. Allen has four Grey Cup victories, three Grey Cup MVP awards and twice the number of rushing yards than some backs (Pinball Clemons for one) already in the Hall of Fame.

How do you leave him out?

I tried calling five of the 13 voters on the weekend to try and understand. Calls were not returned. I wanted to make sure this was accurate, because Allen himself wasn’t sure he was eligible. However, both Hall of Fame committee chair, George Black, and Hall executive director Mark DeNobile confirmed to me that Allen was eligible but did not receive the required votes to be elected.

Somebody has some explaining to do. No disrespect intended to the rest of the class — all of them fine football people — but none of them should be in the Hall before Damon Allen. That’s just wrong, embarrassing for the CFL, embarrassing for the Hall, embarrassing to the most productive player in football history.

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Terry jones has this to say about it;

The Edmonton Eskimos having five named to the Canadian Football Hall of Fame the same induction year is something which should certainly be celebrated.

But how much?

Should Gino Fracas, Danny McManus, Joe Montford, Terry Vaughn and Don Matthews have their names unveiled on the Eskimos Wall of Fame facade at Commonwealth Stadium this fall? Or none of the above?

The correct answer is none. Not a one.

The one guy who should go up on the Eskimos Wall of Fame this year is the guy, who according to reports Friday had become eligible for the Hall and didn’t get voted on by the 13-member selection committee — Damon Allen.

If that turns out to be true, all 13 of them should be booted out on their ears and a whole new batch appointed, especially on a year in which they decided to include Maritimes college quarterback Chris Flynn who didn’t play a year in the CFL much less than 23 seasons like Allen who ended up with the greatest numbers in the entire history of pro football.

Allen came into the league as an Eskimo and won two Grey Cups in two separate stints over six seasons with the team and made it very clear at the Grey Cup this year that he considered himself very much at the front of the line in the ‘Once An Eskimo, Always An Eskimo’ category.

damon was not a great QB. His records are all because of longevity and lack of injuries. At no time would I have ever chosen him to build a team around. There was always a few that were better.

Wow put your crack pipe away :roll: talk about a ridiculous comment, FYB you should know better :thdn: but thats your opinion I suppose, albeit out to lunch. I especially like the part about his lack of injuries leading him to all his records, hahaha too funny. Think about it.

footbalyoubet is always talking out his wrong end.

D.A. is maybe not the greatest of all time, but he was most certainly a great QB.

i'd rather have a QB who is great over a long period of time, then a QB who is amazing for a short period of time, then mediocre the rest of his career or a career cut short due to injuries....or even, one who leaves for the NFL.

watching damon allen was like watching a magician;
he could sense the rush comming from his blind side and had amazing escapability. he could scramble and make defences pay for sleeping. he could use his arm. he was smart on the field. he was the total package, IMO.

i agree with the authors of the articles I posted, and find it inexcusable that Damon Allen was passed over for the Hall of Fame in this first year of eligibility.

Wow…that is shocking if true. He retired in 2008 …so I don’t think he is eligible.
“A player must be retired from the game for at least five years before being eligible for consideration” from the Hall rules

I think someone jumped the gun here. But there is NO way he could NOT be elected is there?

I don't know where you got that information because it was changed to 3 years. From the CFL Hall of Fame website:

1.03 Eligibility 1) Player CFL Player b) Player must not have participated as a player within the three (3) year period preceding the meeting of the Selection Committee.

Does participate as a player mean actually playing in a game or being on the roster? If it is just being on the roster then he may not have been eligible because he didn't retire until May 2008.


I always thought it was 5 and when I checked wiki it said 5. So it confirmed what I thought so I stopped my tireless search :slight_smile:

wiki and my thoughts are wrong. 3 it is. So if he retired in 08 then this is 3 seasons out.

So he is eligble…and I am shocked that hes not in.

Never a favorite of mine but how can you leave a guy out who accomplished EVERYTHING you could accomplish in the CFL or any league for that matter. Bizarre in my mind. What do you think BB?

Wikipedia's information was dated 2007 and the nomination rules have been updated twice since then. I've corrected the wiki information so hopefully they'll accept the change.

its clearly obvious that Da will be in the Hall of Fame, but it is not atrocious or a disgrace if it doesnt happen as soon as he is eligible.

its still a fact that DA's per season and per game played stats are not so great.

Not everyone needs to be put in the hall of fame as soon as elegible.

Agreed that it doesn't have to happen "right away" but your original comments were laughable.

Racism ? Incompetance ? Plain Stupid ?

It is so poorly run , they should close the whole thing and leave the Grey Cup in the community of the winning team for the year.

Damon's total yards and his rushing yards as a QB will likely never be equalled in pro ball. This is shameful.

Perhaps they are waiting for the next year the GC is in TO? He definitely should be in the hall of fame.

Considering the number of players who are African-Canadian/American who are in or about to be inducted in the HoF it is rather ridiculous to charge racism.

Here are the names of the people on the selection committee: George Black (Chairman), Mark DeNobile (Secretary), Peter Dalla Riva - Montreal, Darrell Davis - Saskatchewan, Jim Donlevy - Alberta, Matt Dunigan - Toronto, Bryan Hall - Edmonton, Bob Hooper - Hamilton, Steve Howse - Board of Directors Representative, Bob Irving - Winnipeg, Peter Martin - GTA, Jim Mullin - Vancouver, Bill Robinson - East Coast, Rick Sowieta - Ottawa

I don't recognize all of the names but those I do are a lot more competent to pick inductees than anyone at this forum.

Before judging them maybe it would be a good idea to find out why Allen wasn't chosen.

Allen: 72,381 yards, 394 TDs, 278 INTs, 23 seasons
Favre: 71,838 yards, 508 TDs, 336 INTs, 20 seasons

Favre played fewer seasons, was only about 500 yards shy of Allen, and he shattered Allen's TDs.

I think FYB is right: The only reason he has so many yards is because he played so damn long.

Check out Peyton Manning: 54,828 yards, 399 TDs (already passed Allen), 198 INTs, 13 seasons

The only thing Allen has going for him is the four Grey Cups.

I think it's key to also remember it's the Canadian football hall of fame. Noting this as the artcle complained an allstar amature made the cut. But he excelled at that level so I'm fine with it. I spose even a high school coach could get inducted. Just a thought. Maybe it was dunnigan who blocked Allen... A qb thing... J/k. I too have to agree with the longevity argument.

Generally HOF induction committees make player pay their dues before letting them in. I don't think this is that surprising, it happens every year where some player should be inducted and isn't. Allen will get in next year...

Allen is going to be inducted no question, He just hasn't been retired long enough folks. BE Patient LMAO!!

At first when I read this I was very angry, but then I see there is some possibly technicality as far as time out of the league and we know inevitably that Damon will be in the HOF. :slight_smile:

As far as FYB's comments, well often I am with his opinion but on this one he's farther off the reservation if not also continent than he was on the matter of beaver in Quebec (on the kind in forests and marshes, not that ...uh well never mind I'm confident FYB is good with that kind too :smiley: -- see the cheerleader thread)

And Damon if reading out there as we know you do at times, you are absolutely a great football QB furthermore when it comes to ANY league PERIOD! :slight_smile:

I've only seen film mostly and missed his era which is really my sore loss for becoming a fan too late in 2009.

Heck the way some of these current QBs play, some of us wish secretly you could spell them for a few plays in a game here and there. :smiley: