no cup to show for it...

anyone know which cfl player has had the longest career while never winning the grey cup. i know many players fall into this category of never winning but am curious what the record would be. i do not have the answer so your guess is as good as mine.

Has Matt Dunigan won it?


go riders!!!

....I don't know exactly blackdale....but the way things are going in the Peg....Milt ...Roberts ...and a few other guys are working on it..... :frowning:

This from a poster at

Looks like Lloyd Fairbanks. He played 257 games for Calgary, Montreal, Hamilton and again with Calgary.

He was with Calgary from 75-82, no Cups. Then Montreal from 83-86, no Cups. He went to Hamilton the year after they won the 86 Grey Cup. He was there for 87-88 then returned to Calgary to finish off his career from 89-91. The Stamps won the Grey Cup the following year 1992.

Well, the riders haven't won in 16 years, so anybody that played for us probably has a better shot at it than most. :slight_smile:

I think McCallum's the longest serving rider, but I honestly don't know how long he's been there.

Considering it took from '66 to '89 to get a cup, there's gotta be guys that played for the riders that went without for a longer time.

westwood would win the record on the bombers at this time wouldn’t he?

YES , in 1 famous game in WINNIPEG for the ARGOS [1991]…He played the whole game with a broken collar bone.The ARGOS beat CALGARY in , - 18 degree weather. :shock: And that was the last year for , ROCKET ISMIL who was the MVP.

Milt Stegall has the record right now…i said on TSN game a while back

Didn't an offensive lineman for Calgary (Drinkwalter?) start his career the year after Calgary won the cup 1972, then retire in 1992, the year before they got Flutie and won it again?

Must suck to be him.

I wonder if he ever blames himself for that long cup drought in Calgary?

stegal has not gone nearly as long as westwood. westwood started in 91 the year after our last cup.