No Crossover

Yup, one preseason game is enough anyways, the NFL is looking at going to 2 because of injuries, someone on an NFL broadcast basically said preseason games are like high-end scrimmages anyways. Maybe the quality of play won't be as good as if you had 2 preseason games, in the early going, but at least season ticket holders are paying more for regular season games that count.

One problem Montreal might have is staying sharp mentally though once they are guarranteed 1st place in the east, this could be a problem for them.

At the rate they're going, Toronto will be 4-14 by the end of the season. You really think a 4-14 team should be in the playoffs ahead of an over 500 team due to geography?

Many people don't care about East vs West, and simply want to watch the best teams compete for the Grey Cup. Thats what the playoffs are about. Its not about welfare for pathetic loser teams.

Right On.

An all West Grey Cup does look possible now. Lets give Winnipeg second place. If Saskatchewan crosses over, no time zone change. If Edmonton crosses over, only one time zone change. Not a factor. The following week in Montreal will be when time zones will play a part, so really the Western teams wont feel it unless they do in fact sweep and have to go to Montreal two weeks in a row, and I bet if that happened, Neither Western team would fly back, but instead elect to stay the week in Montreal.

Edmonton Calgary grey Cup........Wow!!! (Im still dreamin! :lol: :lol: :lol: )

The Idea that the grey cup has to be East vs West went by the way when Winnipeg moved to the East. Last year's Grey Cup was a classic Prairie match up and not an East vs West clash.

No crossover nearly gets eliminated tonight.

Winnipeg needs to go 3-1 (Losing to Toronto, beating Calgary, Montreal, Hamilton). Toronto needs to go 4-0 (Winnipeg, Montreal, BC, Sask). Edmonton has to go 0-4 (BC, BC, Sask, Montreal)

I give Edmonton the best chance of fulfilling their requirement.