No Crossover

Well Edmonton droped that one, lets see how the weekend shapes up. For the first time in my life GO ARGOS!

If there will be a crossover, tonight makes it fairly clear that it'll be Edmonton scraping into the playoffs through it. If there is one. The team gave up the big plays in the air and on the ground that won the game for a surging Winnipeg team.

Winnipeg wins, Edmonton loses tonight. 2 wins by Winnipeg, 3 wins by Toronto, and 5 losses by Edmonton and the crossover disappears.

I have faith in Edmonton's ability to choke at the end of the season, you?

Well, I think we do have another back-to-back with B.C.... :lol:

I have greater faith in Toronto's ability to choke this year, and Hamilton is too far back. Winnipeg will pick up at least two more wins though. BUT I'd be bet money that at least in terms of this weekend, the Argos will be picking themselves up off the turf after the Stamps run them over. Edmonton losing the last 5 is a real possibility, granted. Nothing easy on our schedule.

On a more serious note, I can see Calgary sweeping Toronto, and if that happens, it gives us another chance to keep out 3 game lead on them. I’m not worried. The Eskimos will end their two year slide.

From the way things are looking right now, Edmonton will cross over and face the Bombers as the eastern semi-final. I think both the Bombers and the Als have a good chance at beating them so hopefully I won't have to watch 2 western teams in the GC at the big O. My prediction: Mtl vs Calgary, wouldn't that be graeat ? :rockin:

Yep another Grey Cup loss for the Als :roll: cuz i dont think we can beat Calgary

But to be fair, Winnipeg vs SSK last year was West vs West. Winnipeg is only in the East because of the Ottawa debacle.

I like the cross over format. If you look at the west this year, the division is so strong. It would be a shame to put a team like that in over a 4-14 Argo team.

Much as we stunk, Toronto and Hamilton went WAY off the deep end today. The Crossover, for us or any other western team, is looking much more assured every week.

I’m not a fan of the crossover format either. I know, I know … the weak sisters should get winnowed out and all that. But, for my money, a TRUE Grey Cup classic features East vs. West. And yes, it’s only exciting if both teams are equally matched etc. etc.

Actually, except for Toronto and Montreal, the east just might shape up for meaningful post-season play. Montreal vs. BC in the final is my call: I think that big Lion D-line is going to make the difference when it comes down for all the marbles in the west.

For Toronto to make it, Edmonton has to to go 1-4 or less and Toronto has to go 4-1 or better. Toronto is 6 points back with 5 games remaining. Toronto and Edmonton are 1-1 vs each other this year with Edmonton outscoring Toronto 78-63 which means that a tie in the standings would favor Edmonton. GO ESKS!!

I thought the tiebreaker goes to the non crossover team?

Sorry, you are correct. The crossover team does have to have more points and not tied. This would still mean that Toronto would have to go 3-2 in the last 5 and Edmonton has to lose all of it's remaining games. Toronto, given their record, looks like they have a tougher schedule. I don't think Toronto will factor into this whatsoever. I mean, it is still a possibility that BC crosses over. They are only 2 up on Edmonton. Heck, any team in the west could be the crossover team. It's that tight. Edmonton just looks like the weaker of the 4 right now.

Keep dreaming!

Yeah you could pick the West standings with a coin flip and probably predict correct, but i think as of Sept 30th, i see Edmonton playing Winnipeg after losing a lot down the home stretch, and i don't see them beating the Bombers, yet we will see this weekend if Edmonton can beat the Bombers. GOODNESS I LOVE THE CFL!

I dont thin anyone needs to worry about a West/West Grey Cup this year. Montreal is on a rampage. I think its Montreals Grey Cup to lose at this point, and seeing as the game is being played in Montreal, I think its all but in the bag. (unless Calvio gets injured of course, then all bets are off)

Upsets happen, and I wouldn't take anything or anyone for granted. Yes, my Als are playing well, but so is Winnipeg, and whoever crosses over from the West is going to be a force to be reckoned with as well.

Dont get me wrong, I am a Rider (green all the way) fan, so calling for the Als to win upsets me greatly, but I really think they are taking the Grey Cup this year…:frowning:


As I've said before ...
Too many teams make the playoffs anyway.

All 6 playoff spots are already decided for this year with a month to go. :thdn:

There should probably only be 2 playoff teams per division
... with a very division-heavy Regular Season schedule.

teams would play division opponents 4x each
and non-division opponents 2x each.

That would be 20 regular season games +
a divisional playoff weekend before the Grey Cup.

Take away one (meaningless) pre-season game
and the players union would probably be OK with it.

In the very least ...
Keep the schedule as it is...but deduct one wild-card team.
The #1 overall playoff seed can have a first-round BYE week. :roll: