No Crossover

Im looking at the standings and if Edmonton drops off near the end, like it looks like they may, a too close for comfort win vs Hamilton and a good old butt kicking from Montreal. and if Winnipeg continues to win, THAT IS A BIG IF. But if there is a cross over it will be with Toronto who has a very hard schedule to end the season.
Great end to the season.

the only way that happens is if Toronto can suddenly turn it around and start beating everyone in the west...

Winnipeg may start to turn it on here!

but i dunno..

Edmonton has this wishy washy situation but they manage to pull out wins.

No crossover means that both Winnipeg and Toronto need to go 3-3 (at minimum, if BC or Edmoton goes 0-6)

If the western teams win another game this season, both Winnipeg and Toronto need to go 4-2.

Thanks for the numbers on that zbest.

i think the cross is going to happen no any way you look at it. and i agree with TO having a tough 6 games ahead so i see them falling off pace and losing the birth to november football

I don't like the cross over Format
The Grey should always be East VS West
I don't want to see an all West Grey Cup.
The league should do away with the crossover.

Ro has a twin?

It should just be the top best teams no matter where they come from. Playoffs is a time to watch some good close games and not blow out.

I've seen some good games and upsets of teams with much better records. That's the whole point of the crossover, take out the teams with the poor records and avoiding an embarassing upset.

Wow the Eskimos have lost one in a row and now they are a team that is in trouble of not making the cross-over. That's some stretch even if they stunk in the last game. Let me remind you that Edmonton hasn't lost 2 in a row this season and have only lost one game at home, where they play 3 of their remaining games.

I love the cross over as it could make for some intresting match ups in the Grey Cup and it gets rid of the weaker sisters that maybe don't deserve to be in the playoffs.

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No, A Ti-Cat fan desperately wanting his team to make the playoffs. :lol: :lol:

Do they play Toronto anymore? :lol: :lol:

I much rather see a 4th place team with a 9-9 record in the playoffs, than a 3rd place team with a 3-15 record. I like to crossover rule.

Probability of a crossover is greater than probability of no crossover. West 4th team just need to have more points than bottom 2 teams of east. Many fans would love novelty of a western team representing the east in championship game.

Calgary Edmonton Grey Cup!

The crossover will always be popular west of Winnipeg as long as western teams are participating. When the tide turns the protests against crossovers will be loud and long. :lol:

No not really.

Nobody east of Regina is going to agree with the crossover rule this year.

Hamilton, Winnipeg, and Toronto don’t want to be bumped. Montreal doesn’t want to play a western team to secure a Grey Cup spot, they would rather go against one of the trifecta of shame, you can’t blame them really.

Rules are rules though. All signs point to it happening this year, and barring some major upset, the western team will face Montreal in the East Final.

so far, as much as I hate to say it since the are 2 of my top 4 teams, neither toronto, nor hamilton deserves to be in the playoffs, and I am not sure about winnipeg either.

It would be a travesty to have 2 of them in the playoffs.

I'm torn on this. The east vs. west thing has been such a staple in the CFL (minus the North vs. South year... ulgh)

However, I really think the best 2 teams should be in the Grey Cup game and almost want to see the divisions dissolved for a single 8 team table.

Another solution of course is expansion and its really too bad that the CFL is still years if not decades off from an economic situation that will see 10-12 teams.

Now if we retained a 6 team playoff format in a 12 team league you would likely never again see a sub-500 team in the playoffs.

I know some might find it exciting to see the 8-10, 2001 Calgary Stampeders or the 8-10, 2000 BC Lions win the Grey Cup but I'd rather see the year's best teams, not the luckiest in November compete for the prize.