No crossover this year

It was in an article today in the Star Pheonix. Danny Barret was quoted as saying he would have liked it to stay, he said that most in the West would, he said the top 6 teams should be in the Playoffs.

So ya. Looks like this could be the end of the playoff streak for Edmonton :wink:

Don't people say this every year.
Sorry to disapoint Billy, but the team in the west that wont make the playoff is going to be Sask. or B.C. :wink:

First of all let me say
WOOOOOO HOOOOOO I hate the crossover.
Second, At this point in the Season any team can finish anywhere
Third, I have things to say to Barret after his insinuation that the Best 6 teams include all 4 from the west but I will refrain!

Well hopefully the standings don't turn out like 1997 because that would mean a 4-14 team making it over a team with double the wins.

And like I have mentioned before!
Too bad! :wink:

Actually. Now more than ever we have to get rid of the Crossover!

Nobody jump on my examples because they are only that.

Montreal this year, will play Win 4 times in the season and Edmonton twice.
Sask will play Edmonton 4 times and Win 2 twice. Should Montreal be able to bump Sask out of the playoffs because they have 2 more points even though the schedule is so uneven?????????

Yeah, the fact that the schedule is based on divisions, not the league, means (IMO) that the top teams from each division, not the top 6 teams in the league, should make the playoffs.
Or, since you play more games against your division than the other division, you shouldn't be racing against teams from the other division for playoff spots - since you don't play them as much.
If, theoretically, in a 10-team league every team played every other team twice, then absolutely give the playoff positions to the top 6 teams in the league - even if it means 5 teams from one division make it in, since if the schedule was this way (which I would hope it wasn't) the divisions would lose all meaning.
So is there an actual report somewhere that there will be no crossover, regardless of how the season goes? Or is it just someone insinuating that 4th from the West (or East, I guess) won't be better than 3rd from the East (West)?
Long live the Renegades!

what the heck is so wrong with it?, it's the great compromise.

I think there is something wrong with the temp up there guys, the heat of golbal warming is getting to you!

CO RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (any TURE CFL fan can see that)

You must be kidding. Are you joking? The schedule is based on divisions? ARE YOU F'ING SERIOUS?

If it was based on divisions (like the NHL) you'd have 5 games between the Eskies and Stamps instead of 3 or 4.

The inherent problem here is that the CFL isn't developing a contingency plan with a shorter regular season and a longer playoffs. Too many pointless games...

Either that or they should play 20 games this season, 4 in division, 2 out. I'd actually be pleased with that setup...

I ve never been a huge fan of the crossover and frankly always found it to be totally pointless. The crossover team has never won the grey cup and I got my doubts if they ever won the one game they got to play.

Also even if we allowed the crossover its very unlikely that the last place team in the west will have more than the third place team in the east this year.

Acualy I am thinking it's going to be the other way around, the last place team in the East will have a better record than the forth place team in the West.

it is ture, mada7 that no team that has COed has ever won a playoff game, but the point is that they still get the opportunity if they have a better record.

and if it's going this season, which I hope it is, there is a very good chance of a East to West CO, a frist in CFL history, than a West to East one.

The crossover was put into place to stop whinners from whinning

The sked IS based on divisions right now ... that's why after playing the other division's teams twice each, giving 8 games, the remaining 10 games (which is more than 8 ) are played against your 3 division rivals ....

First of all I would rather see even divisions of financially stable teams and then there would be no need for a crossover. That said, I would much rather have a crossover than see a 4-14 team make the playoffs because there are only 4 teams in that division. I think it is much better to have your best teams in the playoffs.

I think it would be very difficult for there to be a 3rd place team with a 4-14 record, that would take place if the 4th place team had a worse record than 4-14. I would think for that to happen, the top 2 teams in the division are probably going to have records of 13-5 or better. The main reason I don't see it happening is because of the recent disperal draft. I believe that the dispersal draft has brought the lesser teams like Hamilton, Winnipeg, and Saskatchewan back to the pack.

With the league being 2 divisions of 4 teams, I support the 3 teams from each division making the playoffs regardless of records, and no crossover. What I'd rather see though is the 6 best teams make the playoffs and the CFL aligned in 1 division and the top 6 teams make the playoffs. I'd like to see the schedule designed with an emphasis on local rivalries (ie Montreal-Toronto play eachother 3-4 times) rather than trying to play each an equal number of times.


my post keeps disappearing on here from some reason…

but as long as it’s back next season, no worries. and I don’t see why it couldn’t be used this season as well, but that’s fine. if I were you guys though, I would hope that the 4th place teams at the end of the season don’t have a record that is a point higher than the 3nd place the the other divisions, or you be facing the force of a ballistic missile.

It cant be used cause the last place teams in either division wont have better records than the 3rd place teams in the other divisions, and why reward a team that finishes last?

I was also under the impression that the crossover would not be used this season; however, the poll at the bottom of the home page lists a Western crossover team as an option for the East representative at Grey Cup this year.....leads a gal to wonder.....

hope they do the same for the West when they do there poll, for kicks I voted the last opion....

...and 87 people agree with me? :shock:

but anyway, lets say that a team beats all the teams in the other division but gets bet in theres, let's just say. that would give them a 8-10, they don't beat out there division but beat out the other thrid team who has a record of 7-11 or lower. haven't they techcally won the right to be in the playoffs on the other side?

let's take WPG as an example:

Mon: 0-4
SSK: 2-0
TO: 0-3
Edm: 2-0
Ham: 0-3
BC: 2-0
Cal: 2-0

West: 8-0
East: 0-10


barring in mind Ro's "though, deal with it agrment", what's so wrong with the CO? and if there is a 10 league CFL one day with each team playing the other 2 times, wouldn't it make more sense then to have it?

too be more realisic, I take SSK record from last season

SKK 9-9: E 3-5
OTT 7-11: W 3-7
S Vs. 0: 0-2

Kanga you have yet to reply to this point

Furthermore that poll show that at least 87 people dont know what they are talking about because there is no crossover this year!