No Cross Over door open for Lions or Eskies

With the Toronto win today they now have 16 points. This eliminates any chance of a cross over. Winnipeg is now eliminated and the best either B.C. or Edmonton could do is tie Toronto for points at 16 apiece. Ties in point totals is not enough for a cross over position.

It comes down to what the Lions and Edmonton do in their remaining two games. The way I see it [I may be wrong so please do your own math]:

  1. Two wins for the Lions and a loss or tie for Edmonton and the Lions are in the playoffs
  2. If both the Eskies and the Lions win their remaining games then the Eskies are in having won the series over the Lions.
  3. If the Lions win one of their last two games, the Eskies could eliminate them by winning two of their last three.
  4. If the Lions win one more game and Edmonton loses two then the Lions are in
  5. The Lions can still get in losing both their last two games provided Edmonton loses all of their games

If it turns out to be scenario #5 then we will be watching a team that will have won only 6 games all year and lost its final two games as it gets ready to face the likes of Saskatchewan and possible Calgary.

Looking back over the season, the Lions could have, would have, should have had at least 3 if not 4 more wins. They would have had 20 points on the season even if they were to lose their last remaining games and would be in the playoffs today. Those 3 or 4 games were very close and it is such a pity they lost them the way they did.

If the Lions succeed in beating both Hamilton and Saskatchewan to close out their season it will not be how many points they have in the standings or what position they are in but where they are as a team at this point in the season. All of those teams are contenders! If the game against Calgary this past Friday is any indication we may have a much "hotter" team than we realize. Saskatchewan are no slouches but they can be had. Their record of wins and losses is not that great as far as I'm concerned.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I was very impressed with the way the Lions beat Calgary, the best team in the CFL and the Lions did it on Calgary turf to boot!

Go Roughies Go! [yuk...gag me with a spoon. Never thought I'd be cheering on the Roughies!]