No Coverage again or did I miss it?

Just watched the CHCH sports report and they said nothing about the TIcats going to Guelph. That's ridiculous absolutely ridiculous. Please somebody tell me they said something earlier in the broadcast. MAC in the Vanier okay but after that it should have been Ticats. It truly is ridiculous that they did not cover this.

Sorry Rev, you must have missed it. Earlier on in the newscast
there was coverage (not alot but it was there) They did say they were
waiting from approval from the City of Guelph, but on CHML
this afternoon Scott Thompson interviewed their Mayor and was
completely in favour.
Watch at 11

Thanks mtncat well at least there was something still have no idea why the Sports didn't say anything oh well.

Yes CHCH is falling behind on the Ticats again.While on Kitchener CTV it was the top story first thing at 6:00 pm and on the news at noon. It even made the front page of The KW Record newspaper yesterday. :thup:

A piece as well on the website:

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Maybe they want to keep the announcement low key so that season ticket holders will renew without realizing that next years games will be in Guelph not Hamilton?

Very small announcement you probably blinked when they had it on, real fans that CHCH. :wink:

It was the second story last nite on the 6pm news. Sean Cowan was up at the facility during the day and had a live report from somewhere in Hamilton.

What else do you really need them to say? The Cats are playing in Guelph (probably). They really don't have that many details on the agreement because there is not really a firm agreement in place. It's not CHCH's job to talk about ticket pricing, renewals, transportation etc. Those are Ticat issues and in the email from Bob it clearly stated to ask your ticket rep.

CHCH did a good job on this story. They sent someone to Guelph right away and was near the top of their news. CHCH isn't really falling behind on their Ticat coverage. They usually have Natalie Marconi out at every practice and they do show Cortez's media scrum. They show Cat hilights and pass along news, trade, signings and cut.

I quite agree. CHCH is the only telecaster that is on site for everything that is Ticats; even practices. Natalie Marconi,
who for some reason, is never shown, makes announcements even about trivial Ticat matters. Ken Welsh and Eric Gage
devote a good part of their shows to Ticat news, when necessary.
My only complaint about that station is Mark Hebscher who is from Toronto and notably pro Toronto and rarely has
anything good to say about the Ticats; not that there has been a whole lot of good news on that front lately anyway.

According to the CH website Hebscher is from Kitchener, spent time as a child in Hamilton with his uncle Sam who was one of the pioneers of CHCH television.