No country for old men

It was not a banner year for the CFL's veteran QBs. With four teams left, we know that the Grey Cup will be contested by teams whose QBs have been starters for only one or two seasons.

Ray and Burris did not make the playoffs. Glenn and Joseph were humiliated in the semi's. That quartet represents over 175,000 career passing yards and 6 Grey Cups rings (no, not Glenn of course).

The four projected starters next week: not even 22,000 combined passing yards, and as far as I know, exactly one playoff start in total - that being Crompton on Sunday.

I think we are seeing a changing of the guard at QB.

On behalf of old men everywhere, I concur or is it conquer? :lol:

Pat Lynch(the aged one)

Me as well. (I'm a senior at Shoppers Drug Mart so I do qualify as an old man I would say. :slight_smile: )

I agree 100%. And Austin saw this a long time ago and signed Collaros because of it. He wasn't just looking at the future, he saw that now is the perfect time to bring in youth at qb

So what you're saying is Austin didn't make a "mistake" ?