No Corey on Sat?

Gosh Darn Corey. What the heck is wrong with you; the biggest game of the season and you want to be with your wife. It is the second one for crying out loud. Where is your dedication. :wink: :wink:

I am just kidding!! :stuck_out_tongue: I think it is great that you have gone back to be with your family. Being there for the birth of your child is something you never forget and I think it is great to see when people (especially athletes) put there family first.

We will miss you greatly but good on yah. Hope all goes well and my best to you and your family.

Good luck from Box EH!!

Corey Holmes? :o

Bring him to Hamilton!!..........the baby so Corey can play.

Willie Quinnie will takes holmes Spot if not back in time..

Congrats To The Holmes Family on new Little one

Just one thing to say about this CONGRATULATIONS COREY!! Family first.

No, Corey Hart. :stuck_out_tongue:

i wear my sunglasses at night... so i can so i can not see...

When I told my wife that Holmes was going to miss Saturday's game because he was instead going to be with his pregnant wife for the delivery, he became my wife's new favourite Ticat! (Sorry, Cheatwood!)

Outrageous! 10-12 real working days a year and the Cats excuse him. Hmmm, guess he's expendable since the Cats are doing so well. Somethings up.

There trying to sign him to long term deal.
if the Holmes Family see Mangentment will let family Issuies take 1st Place

It may lead to him Signing a long term Deal.

was just going to say that...

This will be an opportunity to see the Cats without the fan favourite, who is underutilised in normal game conditions.

When we beat TO without Corey (no insult intended to Anthony Davis!), it should be pretty plain that the team is on track and playing to potential.

Well, first and foremost, let me congratulate Corey Holmes. Family does indeed come first in situations like these.

But it would be unfortunate if Holmes did not play. After seeing how he performed against the blue team in the season opener, with all those all-purpose yards, the blue team could not have looked forward to facing him again. But Ranek was injured early on in that game and I would not be too surprised if he does similar damage against a defence that's not so good at stopping the run.

And it looks like we may also see more of Quinnie on special teams. When the team cut Yeast, I figured they were confident in Quinnie's abilities. We'll see more of what he can do, though it's interesting to see Flick listed as a punt returner. You can click here to check that out.

My apologies to Corey, if he's reading this thread!

Way to go! Family comes first! Be there with your wife and child, and come back to the workplace and show us what you can do...both wife and child will "light up" on the reviews and pigskins you keep on the wall!

Can Anyone Tell us Did they have the Baby…

Boy or Girl?

Best wishes to the Holmes family and the new arrival!

Oski Wee Wee,