ALS start losing and pathetic cheap shot artist. Anderson all game is taking shots at Dressler. He's an embarrassment to the league.

Oh brother!!

:roll: :roll: :roll:

He's so angry that he quoted himself for emphasis!

Well Dressler is sitting out, rubbing his eye!! Face mask on Durant no call. It's obvious watching the game. No different than Calgary going after Luley.

It's no class Dwight Anderson, no need to associate him with the rest of the Als.


It was to correct the post, hit the wrong button while watching the game. Sue me.

Anderson has a ton of talent, no need to play the way he did this game. Tressman needs to sit that guy down.

Just having a little fun with you. :wink:

Sorry, nerves kicking in with the way the Riders started the season. Now I can enjoy my Rye and coke. I hope Calvillo is back next week.

That explains it

I knew a guy who always got into fights when drinking Rye and Coke. Every single time.

one should never drink and fight. otta be a law

Time to start MADF

LOL, yes and I DON'T want to admit it, I can't give it up. To modify a Homer quote " RYE, the cause of .... and solution too... all of Life's problems "

I can't find the wrong button on my computer. I see Esc, Ctrl, and PgUp, but there doesn't seem to be any wrong button.

It isn't you is it.

"I think I'll order a tab. Oh, no time for that now. The computer's starting." :lol: Love that episode.

I'm a beer drinker. :smiley:

Bet ya cant see any Right botton either :wink: