No Changes To The D-Line

It looks like Darrell Adams and Garrett McIntyre won't be returning after all. Long, Murphy, Bolden, Hickman and Kirk need a repeat performance like the home game against the Stamps and not a repeat of last week's dreadful performance.

That sucks. I was really looking forward to having those two back.

Why have these guys been out so long? Does anyone know the exact nature of the injuries to Adams and McIntyre?

On TicatsTV (game preview video), they said McIntyre and Adams would be ready to play against Calgary. And they both seemed to be flying around in the practice footage. Maybe the depth chart is wrong?

Darrell Adams didn't participate yesterday and he had a very noticeable limp.

Garrett McIntyre and Peter Dyakowski didn't participate either.

If you're surprised that Adams is not on the depth chart, you're not the only one. In fact, even Drew Edwards is surprised by that, according to this post:

I also saw that Adams was interviewed in the game preview on Ticats TV. I think it's unlikely that the depth chart is incorrect. But it is good to see Rodriguez and Tisdale on it again. It's also interesting to see Matt Carter on it. And while I don't think the depth chart is inaccurate, the roster may be. I see that neither Rodriguez, Tisdale, nor Carter are listed on the active roster, as you can see here:

And you can view the depth chart:

Once again Adams and McIntyre won't be in the line-up come Monday. Did these guys break their legs or something?? Sure seems like MB likes consistency in his line-up. It looks like the only changes will be Dyakowski starting, Rottier backing up and Gagne-Marcoux out on the offensive line and either James or Caulley in for the the departed Airese Currie.

MB said that it's really difficult to slot them in when the players that are starting now are doing so well. They may be doing "well" but with Adams and McIntyre, the team as a whole will be doing much better.

McIntyre may not be the teams sack leader but he's amazing at stuffing the RB, putting massive pressure on the Qb and he doesn't stop until he hears a whistle.

Also, 15_c, Marcel feels that since Darrell Adams and Garrett Mc Intyre
are coming off injuries, one or both of them could 'tweak' something early

and our D-line would be a man short or even
two men short for the rest of the game.

if this is the reason its just bad coaching...
put the guys in and let them play

These guys are too injured to play. If the could they would. Bad coaching? Gimme a break!

Obviously you haven't read the reports all week that said that they were good to go but MB was very unsure as to where he could slot them in because the current DL were doing a good job right now. Nowhere does it say that they're still injured.

Did you read my post?
it says if this is the reason...
and how do you know there hurt? for weeks now ive been hearing that they are good to go.

The Tiger Cats have been very easy to run on up the middle. I hope Marcel and Marshall have thought this out. I would have prefered if they had at least had one of these guys patooning for the other starters. I guess we will see tromorrow. Fred Reed is a package and the the D Line had beeter play an exceptional game.

Good call coach!
Im glad we kept our d-line the same as the last few weeks…
the team looks great I dont think we should be making any more changes…

Think it's a little easier to find a spot for McIntyre and Adams now.
I'd say it looks like this:

DE: Garrett McIntyre
DT: Montez Murphy
DT: Darrell Adams
DE: Khari Long
DE: Justin Hickman
DT: Matt Kirk
DT: Demonte Bolden