NO Changes To CFL Rules!

After watching that farce of a hockey game last night between Detroit and Toronto, played under the new Bettman rules, I just hope the CFL doesn't make one change to its rule book.

First, it doesn't have to. The rules have been the same for 100 years. The CFL shouldn't listen to the same old whiners in the media. I mean look what these whiners have done to hockey.

And second, if baseball, basketball and the NFL don't change their rules, why should the CFL? Especially when those other three sports need rule changes.

So enough of the rule change talk. Effing around with the rules just because of a few bad games could backfire. I mean look whats happened to the poor old NHL. Its become a joke. Leave the CFL alone.

Being a Wings fan, I didn't mind the game. Seeing the Leafs lose their 7th in a row after hearing over and over how great they have turned everything around this season. I guess they really do need new players after all now huh? I can not stand the MLSE monopoly over this city.

As for rule changes. The NHL did need them, and hopefully it's just a matter of time for the players to clean their game up and everything will be fine. I think most sports have slowly evolved their games to make it better or more proficient over time while the NHL really didn't and now that's why they have to fix everything at once.

One thing I find funny BEREZIN is that you constantly state in your other posts how the CFL doesn't have to be like all the big "American sports", yet, when it suits your argument, it's OK that the CFL does not change anything just like they don't. LOL.

However, they have all changed their rules in the past and I imagine there will be more to come, subtly. The NFL changed there 45s play clock to 40s a few years ago. I could see it hit 30 seconds in the future. Thats just one part they felt needed improvement.

The CFL does need improvement. The return game was hurt this year and that is directly from rule changes last year. I still find it absurd, that you can potentially win a game on a missed field goal/failure. This needs to be addressed. We don't need to go drastic or change everything, but when its the obvious, it has to be done. There no sense of being feared of becoming "Americanized" or being like the new NHL over a few improvements. The CFL has adopted the American forward pass and everyone seemed to like that right?

I like the new NHL too, like I’ve stated before it allows the fast skilled players to shine and gets rid of some of the slow big guys. There is nothing worse in hockey than having a player walk around a slow defenceman who then hooks that player and no penalty is called.

As far as the Leafs losing 7 straight, I love it.

Go Habs Go.

Me too, but I call it the old NHL. I remember before the days of hooking, clutching and grabbing when the game was great.

The NBA has changed rules, from allowing the three point shot to allowing zone defences among some of them.

I just wish that the CFL would go back to the old blocking-on- kicks rules.

The new NHL is retarded. I hate it. I don't blame Americans for not liking hockey. The NHL is bush league.

Yeah..the kicking game rule changes made last year need to be thrown in the largest incinerator we can find :thup:

The new Nhl sucks. Canadians don't like it. Its all done for the yahoos down south who can't even follow the puck for cripes sake.

Nobody likes watching the referees control the outcome of games. People who like these rules must also find baseball exciting. Case closed.

And ArgoZ. I don't really know what you're talking about, but would you enjoy your NFL if there was a flag every play? Or what about baseball, if every pitch was a strike? But if they don't change their rules, even though those sports suck, why should we change ours?

And as an aside, I guess you didn't know that the forward pass was invented at McGill University in Montreal. So really, the Americans stole it from us.

Actually I'm Candian and have been watching hockey all my life. In the NHL, especially the late 90's and early 2000 years all the game was was big guys who can't skate holding and hooking. In the 2003-2004 season the top goal scorers had 41 goals, that's insanely low. What the stick should be used for is for passing and shooting not hooking, high-sticking, and tripping. Not allowing the skilled players to play the game is absolutely boring. The new rules allow them to skate and score. Hitting is still in the game but you have to keep up with your man to do it. One of the most exciting teams to watch now is the Buffalo Sabres, why because they have skilled players, like Briere and Afinigenov who can skate and it's quite refreshing to see that brand of hockey, especially against a team like Philadelphia who preferred size over skill.

It's also nice to see the penalties called no matter what time it is in the game. A penalty is a penalty and if you use your stick to obstruct players it's going to be called.

I think the only reason your mad is because your Leafs suck in the new NHL, they can't spend like crazy and are having trouble winning as witnessed last year and again this year.

Great Post! I agree, and personally I love seeing the Leafs struggle. :thup:

You like 15 powerplays, no hitting, diving, phantom calls and no intensity hockey games?

There is hitting (watch Dion Phaneuf play a game), there is intensity (as seen by the many blocked shots), diving is now being called as a penalty, and the penalties will come down once the players learn not to use their stick to obstruct players. I found 1-0, 2-1 games boring, like it was in 2003-2004 where slugs like Derian Hatcher used his stick on speedy guys like Kovalchuk and Hossa.

I also like the fact the goalies aren't michelin men and actually have to use skill to stop the puck.

I also like the fact that with the salary cap there is parity in the 'new' NHL. Teams can't spend like crazy to win anymore, they actually have to scout and make solid acquisitions.

But hey if you like to see 6'5", 240 lbs players who skate twice as slow as the 5'11", 190 lbs guys with all the skill play I guess that's your opinion.

I have never been a fan of hockey but I have no problem with the new rules.

There have been rule changes in every sport. The three point like someone mentioned. A touchdown used to be worth 5 points and in baseball it used to be 3 balls for a walk. I dont however want changes just for the sake of change. Yes the CFL can be tweaked but changing everything from the size of the field to the shape of the ball is not necessary

:lol: :lol: :lol: He said "cripes"

I haven't heard that since I was a kid.

This topic is about CFL rules isn't it?

Back on topic.

Every year the Rules committee does
tweak a few things to improve the game.

A rule that needs to be enforced on kick returns
is to penalize blockers who push potential tacklers
in their backs to prevent them from making tackles.

One rule I'd love to see is a 10 yard halo for the punt returner, then we'd see more returns for sure and they can keep the blocking as is if the thinking is to cut down on injuries from blocking from the side.


(7 in a row looks good on the Leafs!!!)

Yes the hooking and holding had to be called. But the pendelum has swung too far. I swear the referee’s have pagers in their pockets. The game has nice flow then Boom…phantom penalty. Someone from Toronto must buzz them to call a foul. I go back to my example a few months ago. Trevor Linden looses an edge and falls down. An oppostion player ten feet away gets called for hooking, because the ref only see’s a sprawling Linden. What a joke! (And I am a Canucks fan). This happens all the time with all the teams.

Sanity and common sense needs to return to the NHL.

I know how to make punt returns more exciting......No more punting out of bounds :twisted:

I like it!

The punting out of bounds or the not punting out of bounds?

I just find it strange that so many fans dont like the new blocking rules and want more excitement on the returns yet also like to see the ball punted out of bounds :?

I agree with you 100%. And I think most hockey fans agree with us. They've gone way overboard in the penalty calling. Thing is they're calling everything by the book. And sometimes beyond the book. And it makes for awful hockey. There has to be a happy medium, because the current game just plain sucks.

And I agree with the rule to disallow out of bound punts. And maybe some other tweaks to the rules. But not the type of all out stupiditiy the NHL has done.