No changes needed

Why should we change now. Taffe was the best possible candidate at the time and so was Desjardin. Everybody thought that they were great moves and now heads are supposed to fly. Everybody wanted changes in every positions and it happened and now heads are supposed to fly. What a joke. It's going to take time people. Who thought we were going to win the Grey cup this year? We just want to see some good football and with this young team we will see a winning one within a year or two. It's what we all screamed for so wait it out support our Cats.

Sorry, not around here, if the great football minds around here had their way, we would fire everyone after two games and start over until we magically come up with a winner. They say that Taafe is a fool etc, etc. and we are a joke in the eyes of other teams, but the only fools are some of the fans that post on this least a few of us are realistic at the least.

and the worst part of it is that I know the biggest complainers are also Leaf fans...go figure.

I'm just checking out your fan site... Good to see passionate Ticat fans.

I'm a flatlander from Saskatoon and I certainly can relate to what you are going through in Hamilton... We've gone decades without a Grey cup or home playoff games at different times in our history...

I just wanted to comment that the Ticats are headed in the right direction with QBs... I agree with Dunigan's assessment that Maas is hurt and needs to recover and you seem to have a potential alpha quarterback in Timmy

I hope everything works out for the Ticats, they are my second favourite team in the league... lots of history and they will dominate again...

Thank-you, it's just too bad passion and intelligence don't go hand in hand.

In rebuilding mode, you're trying to find who your playmakers are and the effort guys who are the glue that keeps the whole thing together.

It's not about reshuffling the deck by design every week or chucking everyone who has a sub-par night. Rookies and inexperienced CFL pros are going to be challenged and get burned from time to time. Players learn by doing. Those reps, even the painful ones, are the basis for improvement.

Some, like Shaw and Cook so far this season, play themselves off the team. One wants to find a core group of young players who learn from their mistakes, apply the corrections of their coaches, and can assimilate the systems knowledge necessary to be actively thinking athletes on the field, not just robotically going through the motions.

In August, we will see the first main wave of NFL cuts available as free agents across the league. It is important to define the nucleus of players that one wants to build upon, then find the talent to add to that foundation.

It is idiocy to expect any successful program to build via weekly airlift. Anyone who can recall the ludicrous Blue Team revolving door rosters of the late 1970s and early 1980s will understand that. You want to establish continuity. Accepting that mistakes will occur on the field, you demand consistent progression, but over a period of time.

If you follow the logic of some of the cranks on this board, Terry Bradshaw would have been cut by the Steelers in 1971 or 1972. Straight up.

Thankfully successful football people didn't have Internet boards to ignore pre-1990. LOL

Oski Wee Wee,

Agreed. Perhaps the "toxic" posters are really blue team fans just coming on here to rattle the cage?

I have called for no specific changes except QB but I don't feel that we've seen the last of changes nor should we be satisfied with what we have. The only thing that is obvious is that we are searching for the best players and that we will continue to do so all season since what was available in training camp was simply not good enough in every position. This is a rebuilding process and as such I expect turmoil and change all season along with losing. Trying to win this year at the cost of passing on better players who become available throughout the season would be a mistake IMO. I look at this season as a 20 game training camp for next season