No Changes Needed: Riders roster designed for success presents ‘Off-Season Depth Chart’, a series of articles reviewing every team’s depth chart as it stands to date. Note that these are not official team-issued depth charts, but projections based on insight and analysis from around the league. 

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U mean pretty much the same dam roster they had for 3 years and nothing happen...yeah okay whatever. When BC,EDM,PIG and CGY are in rebuilding mode then Vegina can have a GC

Sask's Canadian starters are as fine as any teams, but God help them if they have an injury or 2, they really have a depth issue and are too stated at a few positions, like WIL and CB.

All teams have the same advantage/Disadvantage after a year off and with many players moving around the League it is pretty hard to say which Teams will be strong and which will have to try again in 2022. Looking at the past records of the players on different teams could indicate that team will be strong, however all players will have Rust and some may not be able to actually perform with their new teams as they did in the past. Football is a Team sport and individuals mean nothing unless they can fit in smoothly and successfully with their fellow team mates. I am convinced with this shortened Season, that any 2 team who gets off the starting block the fastest will be playing in Hamilton come Dec.

Nahhhh calgary is hungry at least west final for them. And really calgary 2019 was im rebuilding mode and whip the s... outta this sask team. Your name should be saskfan

Depth really isn't an issue at all those spots. One of the Herdman-Reed brothers will win the WLB position and be backed up by the other twin and Teitz. Bouka showed he can start, Godfrey Onyeka has playing experience and Lokombo could really fill in anywhere in the secondary.