no CFL / ticats merch @ sportchek

went into a sportchek in London today....

NO CFL merchandise at all, besides CFL footballs....and the footballs they DID have only had team logos from the west division, and the argos, ticats or i bought a riders football.

a sales rep asked another worker if they had argos or tiger-cats stuff in, and she had no clue what he was talking about. the guy then said 'you know, CFL??!?!', which she replyed, 'no we dont have anything like that'.

but going into week 4, i should be able to buy a tiger-cats t-shirt or jersey or hat or something at sportcheks in London...this is a part of tiget-town, no?

Brutal. Fire their head-office an email. Marketing-types are always dead-frightened of anything negative. Even completely moronic feedback ends up wasting piles of time and money in meetings. I've been a part of many such meetings.

People do listen though. Might not always act, but if a customer segment becomes vocal, you can bet they'll be talking about it. And it wouldn't take many emails at all.

National Sports across from Limeridge had a sell off on Cats stuff last year. I went in there with $120 and made off like a bandit! Pants, 3 shirts, hoodie, baseball cap and 2 jester hats (just in case my wife throws one out on me 'because I look like and idiot in that thing', I have a spare in a plastic bag in the attic :rockin: ).

thanks for the idea to write sportkcheck....i left scratching my head wondering what country i was

Stores stock what they think will sell. If they don't stock it, they have decided it isn't a big seller. And Sportchek does not sell a lot of team/licensed apparel for any league or sport. But it does sell CFL merch on their website.

For the past two or three years, its sister store National Sports (owned by the same parent company) has had gigantic selloffs of CFL merchandise at its stores in southern Ontario. Never seen so many Jason Maas and Michael Bishop jerseys. Great bargains for CFL fans, but obviously way more supply than demand for the stuff it was flogging.

well, there isnt really a huge demand for jerseys of guys nolonger playing on the

if sportchek carried a good selection of CFL gear, then advertised that they carry CFL merchandise during CFL games, the 800,000 or so TV viewers would know where to shop for their CFL stuff.....its that simple, really.

On the bright side, I was working in Dunnville this week. I stopped in at a Pioneer Gas Station and found Tiger Cat baseball caps foresale. I visited the National Sports store on Wellington St. in London last week and I did not find a single CFL item except for a composite Wilson ball made in China. As far as I am concerned National sports needs to change their name. There is nothing National about National sports. I may be wrong and I am sure someone will point this out if I am. National Sports is part of The Forzzanni Group. The same Tom Forzzanni who played in the Calgary in the CFL. Go figure?