No CFL Pro Bowl?

the CFL has a east and west all star team but why cant they play somewhere like B.C. or Toronto

The should have it the week directly after grey cup weekend, however it should be indoors revolving between bc, toronto, and montreal and if there are any other ones in canada (in non cfl cities) throw them in there too.

The only way it would happen if the players had an all expense trip soemwhere hot and nice. Since the NFL has Hawaii. How about an allstar game in the Caribean?

or moose jaw


But if there ever was one, it should be played in Toronto or Kingston, where there is a good stadium right in the middle of the country. I should be played before or during the preseason since it doesn’t matter in the Standings.

However, there is little or no interest is starting one, people, like myself, are content with just naming players to All Star teams, maybe the video game can have an imaginary All Star game in it.

That is all I have to say on an CFL Pro bowl. It should be played in CANADA and not in some conquered territory like the NFL does, and it should be unique in it’s timing at the begging of the season, unlike other leagues.


Kingston Jamaica is nice!

Though I don't remember it, I heard that there used to be an all-star game every year, but then one year there was a plane crash and a number of star players were killed. That was the end of the all-star game in the CFL.

If they ever bring it back:
(a) it should be in Canada, in a domed stadium;
(b) it should be after the Grey Cup game, since during the off-season a lot of star players sign with NFL teams and will not be available to play; and
(c) any trophy should be called something like "Memorial Cup" (okay, I guess that one's taken, but you get the idea) in memory of those who died in the previous tragedy, and at the first one there should be a ceremony honouring them.

I'm kind of torn on the subject. While it would be anti-climactic to have what is essentially an exhibition game after the Grey Cup, the idea of seeing all the best players in the league play in a single game is rather exciting.

Maybe, if the game is played in a dome anyway, the game could be played in early February, like right after the Stupor Bowl, before players become free agents and before they become available to NFL teams. I know by that time I'm usually starving to see some "real" football, and an all-star game would fill that gap between Grey Cup and pre-season. Another benefit, to the option-year players at least, is it'll give them one more chance to showcase their talents to NFL scouts who may be interested in signing them.

If there ever was a Pro-Bowl game in the CFL, it should be held in the East everytime the Grey Cup is in the West, and in the West everytime the GC is in the East. This way, all of us could make it to a main event.

I think another reason there are none is because we don't have enough teams to pick from. So when one team totally dominate its division, like Montreal did it in 2002-2004, the division team would mostly be one regular team. Unfair advantage.

And I believe that, for an all-star game to ever happen in the CFL, invited players should be granted a substancial cash bonus to play the game. Otherwise, not too many of them would want to take the risk of getting injured right before they go back to their off-season jobs.

If the NFL has to bribe its players with a free week in Hawaii to come to their crappy Pro Bowl game, what chance does the CFL have of holding a similar game?

Thanks, but no thanks

also don't forget a lot of teams players would already be at home for 1-4 weeks. I am sure players from teams that don't make the playoffs would have already started doing other things.
Thats why the NFL can do this, there players don't have second jobs once the season is over.

Actually it was a grey cup game and i believe the it was a small plane with a few players on board. I believe they played for the riders. Can any one confirm this. I will have to contact Sugarfoot Anderson he would know!

A CFL Pro Bowl would be a great idea to see which division has the better players. I can't see the game happening though, not enough incentive like the NFL. If they had the CFL go somewhere warm to play, how many people would actually know about the CFL unless alot of Canadians made the trip and/or live in the warm destination.

RW2005 you are right. Dec 9, 1956:
Darkest day in Roughriders' history. Roughriders Gordon Sturtridge, Mel Beckett, Ray Syrnyk and Mario Demarco were killed in a plane crash while returning from the Shrine All Star Game in Vancouver. Trans Canada Flight #810 flying from Vancouver to Regina crashed into the side of Mount Sleese in the Rockies. Sixty-two passengers and crew were killed. On board were 4 players from the Saskatchewan Roughriders, as well as one player from the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Calvin Jones. The families of Mel Becket and Mario DeMarco donated a commemorative trophy to recognize the Most Outstanding Offensive Lineman in the West.
I believe the jerseys of these four Rider players were retired as well.

I think that would be great.
I'd say that the place where it would be held could be awarded the same way the Grey Cup is, but play it in the spring, when it's warm.. and as for incentive for the players.. how does cash sound? and the game's MVP could get a truck or something. Market it well and you'd still make money.

You can read more about this crash at:

[url=] ... 19561209-1[/url]

“Operating on flight 810(-9) from Vancouver to Toronto via Calgary, the Argonaut departed Vancouver in darkness at 18:10L and climbed to it en-route altitude of 16.000 ft. when it encountered severe icing conditions associated with moderate to heavy turbulence. The aircraft climbed further to 21.000 ft. and suffered a fire in engine #2. the pilots radioed that flight 810 will turn back to Vancouver via Cultus and Abbotsford. A few minutes later, the crew reported their inability to maintain height and began to descend. ATC further cleared the aircraft to 8.000 ft. minimum. From this point nothing more was heared from the aircraft. On May 12 the following year, mountaineers discovered the scattered wreckage of the Argonaut on Mt. Slesse at 7.600 ft., about 120 km east of Vancouver airport. There were no survivors. It is believed that severe icing in combination with an engine failure made it impossible for the pilots to maintain minimum safe altitude to clear mountainous terrain.”

And just a note: Mt. Slesse is in the Coast Mountains near Chilliwack, not the Rockies. I know, a lot of people think all the mountains in BC are the Rockies.

I think the plane is still there.
I think the bodies are there too.
I think if anyone gets near the plane or bodies they will get charged.
I don't even know I you could get near them.I don't think I would even think of going there!!!

They should have known better than to get on a plane called the ARGONAUT. Argonauts always crash and burn.

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