No CFL Playoff Buzz in the media this year.

I have noticed there is very little coverage of the CFL playoffs this year. I check the newspapers every day and the sports talk shows on TSN, etc.. on the radio and T.V. and I find there is not much buzz. Is it because I'm in Ottawa or has anyone else noticed from other cities ? I think this is sad on the media's part.

What else is new ORR, old news. This is par for the course, more media in cities with CFL teams but other than that, NHL will get the most headlines, NFL, NBA that are both on now and still some MLB and soccer. MLS also suffers from this not being the elite league, no matter how many seasons tickets TFC gets.

Any strictly Canadian league without American teams that not in what most people regard as the elite league will be as such and generally has been forever and especially since MLB and NBA have come to Toronto where much of the media is centred in this country. Just the way it is really. But this is not to be confused that the CFL and Grey Cup don't matter to a lot of Canadians, not at all. It can sort of look confusing but really it isn't. Look at junior hockey in this country, it's huge in so many of Canadian cities but gets little TV news and coverage in newspapers unless you have a team and even then, you don't get pages of stuff like you do with the elite pro leagues. My guess is more people attend junior hockey games in Canada than do NHL games in Canada but this doesn't mean the media will cover it as such.

I've always likened the media to a sort of map. A map tries to convey what the earth is like but obviously can't, it's not reality, the real thing, just a representation of what some part of the earth is like or might be like. It can be easy to have maps and globes in your house galore and guidebooks but it's not the real thing. And the best map is the one you create yourself from experiencing something in reality. And all maps whatever type, distort in some aspect what the area being mapped is actually like. Hmmm, seems appropriate, the word distortion also relates to the media big-time as we know, eh.

Dan Russel has been giving the Playoffs decent coverage on his talk show. Province newspaper has had a couple of pages every day. Can't complain out here in BC.

In Hamilton I think it's been pretty decent as well.

I haven't seen anything in the Free Press, but I also don't read the paper that often. The CBC has had a few articles, though.

yup.. Out in Edmonton, there's plenty!

I think it's just the NFL Toronto crowd that doesn't care at all..

Was that supposed to be a dig at my team or something...? :expressionless:

Coverage is decent in Vancouver . I can see little coverage happening I Ottawa though . They don't have a team , so what are they going to talk about? Did they have much coverage back when there was a team?

Thet went undefeated in Ottawa this year. At the beggining of the year I picked them to finish ahead of Hamilton.

The Toronto Sun is giving the ARgos great coverage. But the Globe and the Toronto Star are a joke. In fact the Star is more worried about baseball and basketball.

The Star thinks we want baseball news in November. But who cares what A-Rod does, or that BArry Bonds cheated outside of all the baseball fans in the media?

And really. Barry Bonds caught for cheating? Tell us something we already don’t know.

But I bet you this story if it happened on Grey Cup Sunday would get the headlines over the Grey Cup in the Tornto STar and Globe and Mail.

Even though it has absolutely nothing to do with this country. Figure that one out?

Speaking of "canned noise..."

I remember when that OrCanucks das boot-licker said he would never, ever cover the Lions until they had a game with over 30,000 in attendance. I guess you know you've got it good when Dan "The Vancouver Sports Talk Muscle" Russel is in your corner... Jerk. :stuck_out_tongue:

They still cover the league and I believe the Sun has a more detailed CFL-specific section every Wednesday.

I noticed today that the CBC updated its CFL area. And they even include the CFL stuff before the NFL stuff.

The coverage here (in Vancouver) has been decent.

The morning news programs are hyping the playoffs and giving tickets away each day. And the Province does have a good portion of the sports section devoted to the upcoming games.

The local coverage here is good, although it's always pretty good and there's not a lot of sports teams competing with front page news.

OMG, do you believe all the news about Bonds and A-Rod like berezin says? What garbage, I switch the sports news when I hear these names in the news, who cares how much money they make and how many roids they took, they are jokes and baseball is a joke of a sport. Ted, sell the Jays now while you can still get a few pennies for them. The commish of baseball is what some say a used car salesman at best.

Why can't sports news concentrate on the great Canadian sports leagues we have in Canada than crappy baseball stuff, how about more coverage of university sports and the CHL to start, please!! And I don't want highlights of two NBA teams that few care about in this country. Raps ok but past that, give it up boys.

I thought it was hilarious that he was indicted. Looks like he won't be able to protest the HoF is his ball goes in with an asterisk.

Being a Red Sox fan for the past 40 years, I hope the Yanks DO sign A-Rod. More big money for one player does nothing but frustrate the fans. And if it's for 10 years then more power to them.

If there was ever a sport in need of a salary cap...

Baseball itself as a sport is ok of a sport, don't mean to say it isn't. But the way MLB is run is ridiculous, salary cap as you say Chief and revenue share like the NFL does. And really, what do all these records mean now in the steroid era?