No CBA signed by Feb 12, means no Duron Carter, he's done

I liked all of the BC Lions moves in Free Agency until they signed that idiot! :o

He just needs to grow up, and acted like a all star wide-out, he probobly has one of the best teams now his played with, I’m a bc fan and I hope if he stays healthy for the team and not a cancer he will be a good player… I just hope he grows up

When he signed with Montreal, the story was that he had learned his lesson from his days in the NFL and wanted to prove himself. After a while, he was being a jackass, and soon he was in Saskatchewan. He said he’d matured and wanted to be a good teammate. For a while, all was good, and then he acted up again and lost the support of his coaches. Off to Toronto, who wanted to give him another chance. That didn’t last long, and now he’s in B.C., where they’re sure he’ll behave himself.
We all know the pattern by now: he’ll be an excellent teammate for a couple of months, then he’ll start whining about not getting enough passes or some other such nonsense, he’ll start fighting with his teammates, there’ll be some incident and the Lions will have no choice but to let him go, trade him, or put him on the IR for the rest of the season.
Don’t get me wrong: I know he’s an outstanding player. I’m just surprised at how many coaches and GMs are willing to overlook his toxic behaviour just to get his talent on their roster.

Methinks there was a difference of opinion between Ed and some members of the organization (Wally). They sat on it, and Duron signed with Toronto.

100% speculation, but reading between the lines from this and what I read at the time, it is quite possible.

Have you guys heard the rumour that this guy might be of some relation to NFL Hall of Fame WR Chris Carter?

Lmao. Has anybody told Rod Black?

Someone ought to inform him. And tell him Luke Tasker is the son of former Bills standout receiver Steve Tasker while you’re at it.

Or Bartel is from where again?

My god…his mind is going to explode if CFL 2.0 starts producing players from around the world.