No CBA signed by Feb 12, means no Duron Carter, he's done

Not shocking is it! :o

Duron Carter
Yeah man it was fun while it lasted… if free agency hits in Feb. and we still don’t have a CBA I’m done!!! I suggest all CFL players get their finances together because the PA or the league don’t care! I’m not being caught in the Deja Vu on last CBA negotiations!!

wont miss him

I guess he’s done cause there’s no way the CBA is done by Feb 12. More like June 12

and we care why? In my opinion, his 15 minutes was up two season ago.

Professional sports is very much a “what have you done lately” business. What did Duron Carter do last year? What contribution(s) did he provide to a team or the league, that couldn’t have been provided by someone else for the same or less money?

Don’t let the door hit you where the good lord split you Duron!

Just my two cents

Duron does his best work on the field. For all his achievements and contributions there are always higher expectations.

He plays on my team if I could do anything about it and who’s to say he is not the leading receiver in the cfl at the end of the year.

Agree there is no way the CBA is done early.

Carter thinks he is so important, that he announces he’ll be leaving. What a narcissist. ::slight_smile:

Adios Duron! You won’t be missed.

He’s burned so many bridges. Maybe off to the AAF to rebuild back down South.

Sounds like a prefabbed excuse to make it sound like it was his decision

Nobody calls or nobody offers him something decent…he left because of this and likely goes to aafl. Someone calls with a good offer…surprise, he takes it. That magic FA Feb 12th date gives him time to hop into aafl

So much talent and so good with fans…horrid work ethic.

He said on twitter he thinks he’s still too good for the minors.

Always an ultimatum with this guy. As talented as he is or was he needs to go. He just doesn’t get it

I will admit though, there is something to be said about not messing around, not holding fans and players hostage and just getting it done early instead of this drawn out game of chicken, which if no one pulls away, no one wins.

I guess that’s just too optimistic.

Thought I read somewhere the first meeting between the parties isn’t until early Feb.

Anyone recall the events leading up to the last CBA being signed?

Seems to me they were all lined up to go to war over a couple of things and then it was all of a sudden signed. Could be wrong but kind of remember being surprised.

There was a one-time payment offered to players, the amount of which was connected to their years of service (I think). Basically, it was a bribe to sway the US players who only see themselves in the league for a few years and thus don’t care so much about long-term benefits for the PA.

We’ll… it’s February 12th, no CBA…I guess During Carter is ‘done’…

At least done as an Argo, very likely headed to the Lions. He had a cup of coffee here…my son got a pair of his gloves out of it.

At this moment there are still 14 hours and 42 minutes remaining for a deal to be reached today.

I’m a bc fan and if carter comes here I hope he acts more professional, him an wielder, there posts are annoying and almost don’t even deserve a contract, the CFL has given them a chance to get paid to play football and now there just mocking the leagues,

They can go play arena for $500 a week if they so desperately needs the money ???

But it’s a shame cause wielder could make a good living his is by far one of the best running backs in the league I just hope they start respecting the league to show there worth the money not just a great player with a garbage personality

I hope he acts more professional

I have no doubt he will … for a little while anyway.

So much for DC being done, he signed with BC, lol

Duron Carter interview. Since Lions apparently wanted Carter as early as last year, there was no chance of him having zero CFL suitors when free agency began.

Of note:

  1. Says that after his release from the Riders, he was one phone call away from signing with BC which is much different than what was written then:

Farhan Lalji:
BCLions will not be making an offer to Duron Carter to play this season. That said, Ed Hervey had a very positive conversation with him and wouldn’t rule out keeping the door open in future seasons. (8.13.2018)

  1. Notes that the Lions wanted to trade for him in 2018.

  2. Mentions that he talked to Ed Hervey during the off-season about coming to the Lions. That would seem to imply tampering as the Argos said no permission was given for Carter to speak with BC.