No Caulley or Prechae vs Montreal Sunday

Terry Caulley won't be playing

He had a distinct limp at practice and sat out yesterday.

Prechae Rodriquez [bad knee] also won't be playing.

ohhh many this sucks...i was so badly wanting to see Cobb and Caulley in the backfield at the same time at times..keep the montreal team kind of wondering why we only have 6 receivers playing, no carter and no roriguez....we usually do have 7 players on the receivers list per game. I really dont have much faith in Chris Bauman and im missing Chris Davis a bit ...even Scott Mitchell from last year..

I even think Earnest Jackson last year who had limited plays but better then Bauman


i thought Caulley was out best kick returner and provides that guy that can get those tought yards in the red zone . It would haev been nice to have caulley in there to on second and long to block .Too bad about Presche…I hope JAMES has a good game …

The D-LINE changes excite me as I was hoping to see them get Mcintyre in there soemhow possibly at DT and they did …I am anxious to see the pass rush these 4 guys can generate as the 2 new guys should be well rested and healthy and ready to show they belong…well i hope …

Smith and Gordon should give cavilo many easy first downs, sorry folks but IMHO there are better NI,s on the team - Barker-

Gordon likely won’t dress. By the depth chart either, he or Lamont Reid will be the DB to go on the Reserve List.