No Cats Pre-Season games on TSN

TSN will be showing 4 pre-season games. Montreal and Winnipeg have both their games televised. BC, Saskatchewan, Toronto and Ottawa - one each.

And Calgary, Edmonton and Hamilton fans are going to have to wait for the regular season to see their teams I guess.

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The CFL on TSN pre-season broadcast schedule* is as follows:

Wednesday, June 8 – Montreal @ Winnipeg at 8 p.m. ET on TSN
Saturday, June 11 – B.C. @ Saskatchewan at 9 p.m. ET on TSN
Monday, June 13 – Winnipeg @ Ottawa at 7 p.m. ET on TSN1, TSN3, and TSN5
Friday, June 17 – Toronto @ Montreal at 8 p.m. ET on TSN

Well that stinks... but par for the course :?

Well that SUCKS, you would think that TSN would've shown the June 11 pre-season game at BMO at least. Hopefully cable #14 picks it up and shows it. I mean seriously who the Hell wants to watch the Alouettes play football ? let alone twice. I guess TSN has something more important going on at 4:00 on Saturday June 11 like Darts or perhaps the World Championship Tournament of Underwater Ping Pong or perhaps live Lawn Bowling or full contact figure skating. :roll: Gee it's a good thing that TSN expanded to 5 channels, so they can show the exact same programming on every one on most nights. :thdn: :? :roll:

I for one cannot believe that TSN would not show the very first football (not that other boring kind) game at BMO Field. How can this possibly happen? :oops: :oops: :oops:


I found your June 11th answer.

There are 3 Euro 2016 soccer games that day with at 3:00PM (our time) England vs. Russia match-up which I'm sure will be on all the main TSN channels.

It is disgusting that this is happening again this year.
I wonder if the Ticat organization can stream it and let us know ahead of time that it'll be available. Not sure who'd provide cameras, etc.

I think they want to save the "big reveal" for the actual home opener at BMO.

This has been the case the past few years. Its a joke. Someone from the Cats needs to address this with TSN

It's just bad luck this year that the pre-season schedule conflicts with the Euro tournament that TSN is committed too, talking to TSN will not change anything. Last year they streamed the pre-season game from THF

Brutal. I figured they'd show at least one. At least the away game is in Toronto and accessible to us - maybe that's why TSN didn't bother.

Sigh. :frowning:

Mike: It happened for the same reason Jennifer Hedger forgot Toronto ( the oldest pro football team with the same name in North America!) had a CFL Grey Cup win in 2012.

TSN hosts seem mesmerized by the NFL, Leafs, TFC, Blue Jays and Raptors. They broadcast the CFL....the oldest and most storied professional sports league in Canada. Too bad they couldn't care less about it.

But would TSN show a pre-season game of any of the other Toronto teams if a major event like the Euro was on at the same time? I doubt it.
I think last year was the first year that TSN showed any CFL pre-season games and they didn't show them all either.

Actually slimjim TSN has been showing preseason games since about 2012 and the first year they showed all but one game if I remember correctly. That one game not shown of course happened to be a Ticats game! The second year they covered fewer games and the past couple of years only about half. Ticats unfortunately have been left out in the cold more often than not but I did appreciate the team streaming the home pre-season game last season and I suspect that they'll do that again this year. Those who can't go to the pre-season game at THF can at least watch it online.

A little off topic but just purchased tickets for Labour Day and there are not too many left!

ESPN3 is still showing Ticats at Argos June 11 on their schedule
Could be a possibility that TSN will broadcast it to ESPN3 only. But TSN will only be showing the Euro Cup in Canada at that time.

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Not many individual tickets left for any games this year.

...and that is a great thing for this dyed in the wool, 60 + year Tabbie fan. :rockin:

My team will likely outlive me and bring joy to other youngsters in the Steel City.


Used to this after 40+ years as a Cats fan

Good news for Ticat fans abroad - is live streaming the home preseason game. There’s no indication that the Argos will be doing the same on June 11 and ESPN3 no longer shows that game on their schedule. I guess anyone who can’t make it to BMO Field is out of luck.

Here is the announcement