no call on maas

Why is it that the ticats get called for late hits all the time, but when our qb hook slides and gets hit by two stamps, with one of them leading with his helment where's no call. This has happens every game. Thanks for reading this post some +/- replys. The only point i was trying to rise is that if you call it earlier in the game that it should be called all game period. I know it's up to the players to win the game. But to drummer god the rule states that once the qb slides feet first he is not to be touched PERIOD. Again thanks for the replys.

Indeed. Blame Mosca on Fleming, 1963 Grey Cup...I'm only half-joking, of course.

Ang pulled up, but I digress!

Oski Wee Wee,

Stop the crying lads.

Shape up. We lost. Don't blame the's un-becoming.

Keep blaming the officials.But do you really think we even deserved to be in this game?What did we do right to win this game?Was it the great offence?the sacks on defence?What exactly?

You’re right, we get the short end of the stick from the refs every game. Of course the TV commentators fail to notice.

True ,should have been a call,...
Homer western refs ...
late in the game ,Stamps are losing or call is made...

Yeah, it should have been called, but if Jamie would have hit that do-able kick it would have been a non-issue

I hate having to win in spite of poor refereeing.

The bottom line is, the refs ultimately decided the game. Win or lose, when the game is "managed" by the officials it is no longer a fair contest and it is CERTAINLY no fun to watch. The refs that blew that no call on Maas should be fired.

I agree that the Cats did not deserve to win, but neither did Calgary. We're 0 -3. Soon we will be looking at something like 2 - 5 if things go WELL. We needed this one. Bad.

The roughing the passer calls made against Hamilton this season have all costs us points as most if not all have come on second downs when we had them stopped . Why oh why did they not make that call ???

another call that could of gone either way cost us dearly as well . The interferance call against Goss when he and Copeland were fighting for the ball . That could of been Offensive interferance as well but OH NO it goes against Hamilton .

If we are such a bad team then Calgary is no better , they were very lucky to win that game and they know it . When our guys make great plays in th red zone its luck . when we fumble or get intercepted its cause we`re terrible . Why is that ??? we were solid at that end of the field period !!!!


You are relying on the refs to win the game for you.
The offence did not produce and that is the only reason we did not win.
If Maas had been tagged and not hit , how much better would we have been?
No difference. Boreham would have missed the field goal and the Stamps would have kicked to win.

Im not relying on the refs for a win . I want them to call the game fairly and correctly . It was a call that was crucial in the game . You cannot deny this .Also , it was not one hit , IT WAS 2 AT THE SAME BLOODY TIME !!! He could of been seriously injured as he was vulnerable .

The NHL started to call all infractions and you seen how fast the game became . The CFL should do the same !!!

Do you think you are going to get calls your way when your head coach yells at the reffs the entire game!

Leo lots of coaches yell at refs . They largley ignore this as they know some coaches are intense . If yelling bothers you and you are a pro ref your in the wrong business . The refs BLEW IT you know it , i know it and the CFL knows it !!!!!!

By the way i taped the game and I just finished watching that part of the game again and they still blew the call .

The Ticats blew it not the refs.
The only thing the refs didn't do was make it easy for us.
Understand that!!!

Whats wrong with easy ??? The refs sure made it easier for the Argos and Montreal when we were given roughing the passer calls didnt they ???

Fine , the ticats won the game and the refs took it away.
Are ya happy now?

Very happy thank you . The next time you watch a game and it can be any teams playing . Watch what happens when a penalty is called on second down after the team has been stopped and see what happens . Most of the time it will lead to points as it would of in our case .

You dont seem to want to give Hamilton credit for anything they did last night . We controlled the ball in the second half and would of and should of won the damn game . Isnt this the objective ??? who cares how they do it ?? I know i certainly don`t care .

PaoPao runs that style of Offence , he did it in Ottawa and he did it in BC . Everyone certainly seemed to want it when he was rumoured to be our new OC .We all jumped for joy didnt we ?? 

And we were all happy about Ronek as well werent we ?? Well as long as he was in Ottawa they ran this type of Offence and he succeeded big time right ?? There is nothing wrong with ball control , we just have to learn to punch it in .