No business playing Professional Football

Throwing Jyles under the bus now would be incredibly stupid. Poor over-reaction. Teach him, train him and try to harness his talent. He seems to have had really horrible coaching to this point in his career so give our coaches time to help him.

Please list his talents in pin point form. Just so I know. Aside from being fast. I haven't seen talent in Jyles.

Ha ha ha ha ha.
You should cry about it.

The reason I am not the friggin' coach is because I am too young, with no where near enough experience, I never played pro-football, nobody in the profession knows who I am, I have never looked at a pro-football playbook, I didn't apply for the job, my schedule with post-secondary education would interfere with the season schedule, and the only thing I have really ever coached is wrestling.

But at least you and me agree that Jyles is to be sent packin'.

Arius the issue isn't that Flick or Fantuz or the others were wide open. The issue is that the guy can't throw a ball more then 20 yards that half the defense can't run under. There wasn't enough pressure to warrent that many bad passes that you shouldn't be questioning the arm strength.

The Flick injury was an unfortunate circumstance agreed. But then again, you have to ask, if the guy had the arm strength would it have happened. If it was a one time occurance then sure, but he was consistently off on the passes.

No arm strength? Jyles may be ok. Bad. Or right behind 747 as worst ever Rider qb. I think its to early to know. But Jyles has a strong arm. Any one who has watched 1 practice knows that. Jyles has the strongest arm of all the Rider qbs. Almost like KJs. Crandall is not close. Durant less than Crandall.

I think this. The coaches helped Durant. Ran Cates. Threw short passes. Why didnt they do that with Jyles? Asking him to throw deep. With BC rushing the passer like they do. I hope the media asks Coach Miller about that. Hows that for a koolaid drinkers question? Happy Mike? Not negative enough?

Read Bob Ackles died with heart attack on CFL thread. Dumb to be arguing about qbs right now.

Prayers to his family.

Austin there is more to arm strength then throwing a ball a long ways. Hey I can throw a ball 40 yards in the air, doesn't mean I have a strong arm. A strong arm means you can throw a ball 30 or 40 yards on rope with very little arc and be accurate.

Jyles didn't exhibit that kind of arm strength. He wasn't being pressured enough to warrant those types of bad throws. As for adjusting the game plan. Sorry Jyles as the 2nd string is expected to be able to step in and execute the game plan. He couldn't execute anything.

The Lions president dies. The post above this says that. And you still want to argue about Jyles. Nothing more to say to you Mike.

Sad for the Lions. Prayers to the mans family.

I don't know how we can end up disagreeing on something this simple, but we do.
Godspeed to Bob, but this thread is hardly the time or place to be making such comments, Austin. This thread, this forum, life in general continues, regardless of the passing of Bob Ackles. For you to try to make political points off it seems worse than Mike doing what this thread is for--to talk football.
Bob Ackles would want us to talk football, to discuss QBs and such.

On that note, Jyles has the best arm of any QB we have, and a better arm than most of the QBs in the league.
On the Flick play, he was under pressure and was hit a split second after releasing the ball...maybe even a split second before. It is called a "pressure" if you are keeping track, and clearly the throw was off because of that. What Jyles needs to do is learn how to better deal with that pressure. For example, he likely needed to make his read that split second sooner, get the ball away sooner, and then if he hits Flick, TD! But to try to say that was a lack of arm strength is wrong. The kid has a rocket....he just needs to learn to control it.

Arius this is where you and I will disagree. On the interceptions, Jyles wasn't being pressured enough to warrent being that badly thrown. Similarily I believe it was Jyles who through the pass down to Fantuz into double coverage on the 10 yard line, that ended up getting knocked down. Once again there wasn't enough pressure to warrent that bad of a throw.

He may exhibit arm strength in practice where nobody is going to hit him. Or he can throw to a general area, but in game situation, he didn't exhibit any of those skills or abilities some fans are talking about.

I agree with you the Flick injury is an unfortunate circumstance. However, when viewed in conjunction with every pass he threw over 20 yards it doesn't add up.

We are not really disagreeing. you are simply mistaking a lack of poise for a lack of armstrength. I am not disputing he was not so overwhelmed by the pressure on some of those throws to justify how terrible they were. But he was in fact hurried on all of them, ending up on his backside each and every time. He had more time than he thought, or should have gotten rid of the ball sooner in every case. But that has nothing to do with his ability to throw a laserbeam...that is a lack of experience, and/or poor decision making. Armstrength is a physical skill and if you have it in practice, it does not somehow magically disappear during a game.

Hey layoff Jyles - He came in cold off the bench and I don't think the coaching staff really had a game plan in place for a Jyles run offence. I for one am able to allow him some time before leading him to the gallows. If we had established Wes Cates in the first half I believe Jyles would have had more success.

Anyway a win is a win is a win - thank you D.
It will be interesting to see how Durant performs in Hamilton after having a week of practice as number 1.

Arius, as I have said, there is a big difference between standing flat footed and not being touched in practice and throwing a ball. And getting even what a normal quarterback might consider a little bit of pressure and not being able to throw the ball. Sorry, practice balls don’t count in a game situation.

For those people who thought Durant got a break by a change in game plan. boo woo…Jyles practiced as the 2nd string, he should have been able to come in and execute. I am sorry he didn’t but that is the fact of life. He could read the defences, he couldn’t throw anything over 20 yards with accuracy and strength. Sorry he didn’t cut the mustard. That is the reason he was pulled.

Will you ever be happy? You said ET was a bad hire. You said Austin was a bad hire. Riders win the cup under Coach Austin. But Mike was not happy. You say the Riders will be way over the cap. 300 or more. They are only 50 over. You are not happy. The Riders are 2 and 0 this year. Mike is still not happy. But if Riders are 4 and 0. And then lose to Joseph and the Argos. What will Mike do? Talk about the 1 loss. Not the 4 wins.

You want a boo hoo. Try this. Riders won the cup with Austin and Tillman. Riders are undefeated now. With Miller and Tillman. Boo hoo. Mike hates new regime more than he loves Riders.

Austin, I’m with you that Mike seems to be Oscar the Grouch reincarnate. And I appreciate that you seem to have made it your personal mission to counterbalance his negativity on the board - we all need a raison-d’être. But I think your point is made … long ago. May I suggest you be happy with his unhappiness, lest someone accuse you of what you accuse him of? Just a thought.

Austin and legal....or should I say twittle dee and twittle is good to see the koolaid drinkers have chimed in again.

Austin if you want to insist on bringing stuff up.....lets talk about Tony telling you Tate was on the the 9 game injury list all of last season....and didn't count anything towards the cap. Oh...wait that wasn't true was it. Now if you don't want to discuss the issue at hand...I am sorry. But Jyles' ability to play has nothing to do with the riders being 2-0, in fact if Jyles had stayed in the game, I am very confident we would have lost the game.

Sorry Mike, but for your information, I don't have an account at - never been in the section that requires a logon. Any other preconceptions I need to dispell for you?

Not sure what your job is, but let's say you are a construction contractor. You have a crew and you are going to be gone for two months. When you come back, your crew wants to impress you and they complete the whole house that was just started before you left in record time. You inspect it and it is solid, well done. But the baseboards in the kitchen are the wrong colour. You crap all over them for the baseboards and don't acknowledge all the good work.

In my analogy, there is no question that the baseboards have to be fixed but to not acknowledge the good work is discouraging, if not downright insulting to the crew.

It is only my impression, but that seems to be what you do to the riders. I, for one, am not arguing that Jyles did not impress - that should be evident, even to austinpowers. But it is not putting one's head in the sand, as you call it, to acknowledge what did work without taking away anyone's liberty, indeed necessity (how else do we improve if not by our mistakes?), to point out what didn't work.

Anyways, with the exception of this thread ( ... c&start=15), I have let you be negative and will continue to do so after this - it's really no skin off my back. My last post was to try to get austin off your back, but I now realize you probably prefer him like he is - gives you a venue to express your views, I guess.

legal had you read other threads about the riders game on Saturday you would have found, I have given my fact I have pointed out the strong points of the game.

But this thread is about Jyles' ability to play the game. If Austin and/or you through you back hand support of Austin don't want to discuss what should be a serious concern for the riders then fine...don't comment.

You yourself have said Jyles did not impress.

Good points ...

Yeah, like a couple of comments before:
If Jyles has the biggest arm in Riderville . . . he has the absolute worst accuracy. What good is one without the other?

In fact I would take accuracy over strength, if I had the choice.

Durant can manage the game better.

Jyles may be a potentially good QB. I may have been too brash on Jyles with my comments but after reading some interviews and hearing a newspiece on Jyles, he is classy, and conscious of his mistakes. He knows he needs a lot of improvement and he is willing to learn.

I still don't think he is ready to play though.