No business playing Professional Football

Jyles should not be playing pro football.

He has played about 3 quarters of ball as a Roughrider.

In those 3 quarters he has 6 Interceptions. They aren’t even the “well it wasn’t his fault” type of INTs. They are the “close your eyes and don’t watch where its going” type of INTs.

Jyles has NO accuracy! No Patience! Nothing impressive about his play!

If I were Ken Miller at halftime. I would’ve personally cut the tape off Jyles’ shoes. I would’ve told him take off that jersey. Go to the hotel and start packing your bags.

Under what circumstances in the preseason did Jyles win his #2 spot. From what I saw and heard, he has the talent of a grade 11 high school QB.

I cannot bare to see him take another snap as a roughrider.

Jyles got into the habit of trying to get the points "all at once" and we know how successful that can be. With experience, Jyles will learn how to "manage" a game, rather than "going deep all the time". He is still young...give him time to mature!

I am appalled–not surprised–but appalled.
I can hardly wait for the lectures from the “support your QB” crowd…

Apalled at what?

I wish Jyles all the best in life.

But I never want to see Jyles take another snap as a Roughrider again. His play is epically horrible.

At least he made his assessment after Jyles played, not before the season started. You were the one questioning Crandell's ability, Arius, even before the season started. All off season you are saying that Crandell wasn't the guy to carry the Riders to the GC. Now, Jyles hasn't performed very well, in pre-season or regular season. At least Thryllin watched Jyles play first before making his post. You just want to make yourself look good by running someone down even before the season started. Some of us are questioning Crandell's toughness and you are calling it "jumping off the bandwagon". It seems you are envious because some of us refuse to let you back on.

I have to agree that I've had enough of Jyles. It's one thing to force the ball once and have an incompetion or worst case one interception. He forced it thrice for 2 interceptions and for all intensive purposes a career ending injury to DJ Flick. I've been watching and those deep balls had no buisness being thrown. Flick seemed to be playing DB that ball was so poorly thrown. None of those should have been thrown, the coverage was velcro.

Jyles as far as I'm concerned should not be dressed for a while. I think ET should look to bring in some young healthy QB's. Jyles hasn't the head and Tate gets knocked over with a feather.

But I think in the short term we'll be OK with Crandall and Durant. But it seems Crandell is nursing some potential serious injuries. So bring in some young healthy guns.

I am pretty sure Crandell has been in the league for 11 or 12 years and I've seen him play for all of them. So I base my assessment of his abilities on an entire bloody career. Not 10 minutes. And I have never, at any point come anywhere near to throwing Crandell under the bus the way some people are now doing to Jyles (and Crandell). Yet some coughSambocough saw fit to lecture me at great length about the need to "support the QB".
I'd be laughing if it weren't so sad...

I wonder with the potential QB storm brewing Toronto and the lack of experience (not talent) of the back up QB in Saskatchewan if there could be a future trade for Michael Bishop in Toronto...we have a shit load of quality O line men and with the addition of Shologan and the rising play of Mullinder maybe a "chunky" adams could get set over?


Of course you ignore that points that you cannot rebut... the fact is that Thryllin made his comments after watching Jyles play, pre-season and regular season... you are just spouting off because you think you have been somehow wronged... but that is furthest thing from the truth. The sad part is you wanted to throw Crandell under the bus without seeing how he actually would do prior to the games starting this year. Now, you are pathetically trying to attack me for something that I really did not say... again, try to find the words that I said Jyles should be run out of Regina... happy hunting!

I was not impressed at all with Jyles play in fact I was hoping Durrant would come in, luckily he did but didn't really light it up simply just controlled the ball.

I am not ready to throw Jyles under the guillotine but he needs to make some improvements in his ability to read a defense in the CFL before he is put into the game again.

I keep wondering and I have been wondering ever since the trade happened why Tillman wouldn't have pushed for LeForse instead of taking Jyles? I am sure that Edm would have been reluctant to let him go but with the stock that Perry had when he was traded I think it should have been able to be pulled off.

IMO, No Bishop! Definitely No! I wouldn’t doubt the Argos pushed Tillman to take Bishop in the Joesph trade, and Tillman didn’t even entertain the idea. I think Bishop is Stephen Jyles with experience (i.e. more f**k ups).

Which points am I ignoring?
nowhere did I ever say you wanted to run Jyles out of town...or anything even close to I guess I don't need to bother looking for that quote, do I?
Nor have I ever said anything that even remotely resembles anything about throwing Crandell under the can look for that if you want. I think I have been somehow wronged? You are miles off base on that point as well. I am merely entertained watching all these people who lectured me about "support the QB" go off the rails with the season only 2 games old. Some are throwing Jyles under the bus, some, such as yourself are questioning Crandell's character (THAT I can find a quote for if you want) and yet I was challenged not all that long ago by you to swear my undying allegiance to Crandell. I recall telling you at the time that was a stupid that you have deserted Crandell, I suppose it is easy to see why I said that.
Again, there is a vast difference between what I was saying all along about Crandell--he is at best an average QB, so my expectations for him are that he will continue to be average and any notion that I was "throwing him under the bus" are bogus. Realistic expectations. Based upon 11 years of football. The operative word is "realistic".
Regarding Jyles, I saw him play just as much as Thryllin did and I can honestly say, his comments are so far over the top as to scarcely make sense. he does want to run him out town. yet what I have seen is a young kid that may become a good QB. Guess what? He just needs an opportunity to get some more playing time, some experience, and to learn from his mistakes.

Based on Crandell's career and what little I have seen of Jyles, they are very similar quarterbacks. They can throw the ball well inside of 15 yards, and 15 to 20 yards it is okay, anything over 20 yards is a crap shoot. Of which two of three things usually happen, it is so far off the mark nobody gets to it or it is intercepted, very seldom do they see one caught by a riders receiver.

Both of Jyles interception and the play Flick got hurt on were designed plays over 20 yards. Same as both of Crandell passes last week.

WOW! - im not touching this thread with a 40 ft. pole...

Jyles needs a lot of coaching before he should be put on the playing field. He has talant, but he is like Joseph where he could really accel if he has the right coach.
We need a guy who can put up some points though. Our D kept us in the game and I think if we weren't playing B.C. yesterday, we lose that game.

I like Jyles better. But fair is fair. Lapolice did not help Jyles. Running Cates and having a short passing game helped Durant. It helped him a lot. Agree with Bigj. Jyles has talent. The Rider coaches did not help him like they helped Durant. They should have done this. Let Jyles have pass run options. Like the Lions did with Jackson. Like Coach Austin did with Joseph last year.

Go Riders. Whoever is the qb. 2 and 0 is a great start.

austin with all due respect if a quarterback in this league can't throw a ball over 20 yards and at least be close to where it should be the guy isn't going to last. On at least one of the interceptions and the Flick play he wasn't even close to the target and wasn't under pressure. Had the ball that sailed long and the one that flick was hurt on been close, they would have been good plays.

Sorry you can't blame this on the call playing. 2nd stringers learn the game plan as much as the first stringers. They just don't get as many reps.

There is a reason why BC adjusted the game plan for JJ last year. It is simple, his style of play was different then glass jaw Dave. We have heard how Jyles should flourish in the riders style of offence. Sorry based on what we have seen I don't think so.

hey thryllin, just a quick comment re. what ken miller should've done to jyles-that's why you're not the friggin'coach you donkey. that's not the way you treat a guy and any coach would tell you that. maybe that's what you do with your kid when he does something wrong- peel his shoes off,make him walk home from the mall and when he gets home tell him to pack his s$*t, he's outta here but that's not the way to treat people.

a word of advice-reload and repost
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Some people are blaming jyles for Flick's injury. It was a freak accident, and blaming the QB is silly. As for the play call, had Jyles not thrown a duck, Flick maybe scores on that play as he was wide open. God I hate when they call a play when the receiver gets open like that!! Jyles was under pressure, but he needs to learn how to deal with it.
The first pick he threw Fantuz likely was open then as well. So again, how do you fault the play calling?
The last one was just a poor decision--young QBs have been known to make those from time to time.

Jyles had a poor showing with BC, but BC is a strong team. The errors he made during that game, I am sure will be dealt with by Ken and his staff, and he will get better. I am not ready to write him off yet. :lol: