No blocking on kicks???

The TV guys said that Taffe had instructed his guys to NOT block on kick coverage.

OMG, how brutal has it become.
What next, tell Davis not to block on the O-Line because he takes too many holding penalties (not a bad idea eh!)

Another good coaching move might be to not run downfield to cover a punt.
That would save the 45 yards in the 3 no-yards penalties we got.

This has gotten out of control!!!

I heard that comment by the commentators and assumed that they had misunderstood Taaffe.

I'm trusting that this was a misunderstanding.

There is a huge difference between instructing guys not to block as opposed to not to block illegally.

If it IS true, it would explain our poor runback performance, but we require a new Head Coach immediately.

I think Taaffe was kidding or being sarcastic. The Cats blocked for kicks, in fact I thought the penalties, or lack thereof was one of the bright spots in the game.

3 no yard penalties is completely unacceptable

Did you look at this Game Both Tackles where Awfull
They Could not block anything.
there main Problem on the OL we need new Tackles.

At least one no-yards was a joke. Even the announcers commented on the ref's inability to count to five... I think it was markedly better, certainly not perfect though.

The new rules that were going to open up the kicking game and make it more exciting are a joke. You have to figure a way to get the Refs out of the game not in it. :roll:

The announcers comment about not being able to count to five was about the players, not the refs

Woodard and Davis are really under my microscope, Tom. Dyakowski's ascension to a tackle spot (his natural position) will happen sooner than later. I am floored by 300-pound pylons who aren't correctable mid-game to at least be in the way of onrushers to provide a modium of challenge.

Oski Wee Wee,

I would hate to be Armstead, coming to a team that doesn't block on kicks!!!