Scratching Post just announced the Friday game will NOT be blacked out.

Ticats brass must read the forums.

07/28/2009 Blackout and Bruce update I'm piecing together my package for tomorrow but the Ticats have decided NOT to black out Friday's game vs. B.C. and here's the latest on the Arland Bruce saga.

I’ve asked around as to who “one of their better players” is that the Argos are asking the Ticats for in exchange for Bruce but I don’t think Obie would give up that information with a gun to his head.

Why would we give up one of our better players for a good player with an inflated salary and a bad attitude??

Also, I think anyone with TSN HD would not need to worry about a black-out anyways as the HD channel shows local blacked out games.

Not any more.

Last year and I believe the year before, the Cats were blacked out on TSNHD with BEV.