No BlackOut for This Game !!!!!

8) According to Ken Peter's blog this pm, there will be no blackout for this Sat. game !! He was informed of that news by Scott Mitchell this afternoon.
 The Edmonton game will be blacked out if we don't sell 90% of tickets 48 hrs before game time !!!

 So far it does not sound like a big turnout is expected for this Sat. game.  Only around 20,000 if lucky !!!!!    I thought a much bigger crowd would be anticipated after that impressive win last week !!!

I wonder why its lifted..if only 20,000 is expected?... :?

Hamilton is very over rated in their support for sports teams.

Tipper wrote,

So far it does not sound like a big turnout is expected for this Sat. game. Only around 20,000 if lucky !!!!! I thought a much bigger crowd would be anticipated after that impressive win last week !!!
Well that would s---!! Forget watching it on T.V and get to the game and support the cats. I know some fans are tenative, waiting to see if the Cats are for real, but you have Printers and Lumsden the Beast, those 2 reasons alone should get you to the game.

Yes Come out By Some Tickets for this Ticats Game
Let get 22-25 Thou in Stands..
Show The Team how much We Want them to win.
we can Do this with Nice Size Crowd
Cheering our Lungs out

Which Scott Mitchell? The fast one or the slow one?

i'd guess the ticats like thier chances of beating the injured riders, so showcasing a ticat win on tv 2 weeks in a row would probably help them sell tickets to the next homegame.

Hey, I'll be there!!!!

If only it worked that way. Going to games is a habit that, once established, dies hard, but so is not going to games. The crowds don’t drop dramatically after one loss and they don’t grow dramatically after one win. Hopefully we string a few together and find that the other 8,000 from two years ago haven’t been completely lost between the cushions of their overstuffed couches yet.

It can't be lifted if it was never in place.

All along they've said they'll probably black out two games. They have not committed to any specific games.

I think this is a wise move coming off a big win in Toronto, and with Saskatchewan coming into to town hurting. If we win here with the game exposed locally on TV it should help attendance for the Edmonton game, expecially if that is blacked out locally.

I agree. The team got alot of support through horrible seasons. Unfortunately the bull's back may have broken just at the time when they MAY be turning the corner. It will take several wins and good showings to get some fans coming back. But they will not be getting sell-outs this season at all. It took time to lose 'em and it will take time to get 'em back. So to all the season ticket holders and other die-hards go out, support the team and have fun watching the Cats win some more games.

I wonder if they're just managing expectations. I gotta figure, if the weather is half decent, there'd be well over 20k at this game.

I do agree with Not a Bengal though, these things do take time. The attendance (although, it spiked almost over night) did not erode in a week. So, some growing pains can be expected early in this season.

As I've said, regardless of the size of the's going to be different. I think, even if we don't pull out the 'W', it will be a much more fun experience down there. Optimism is contagious.

Another win under our belts (...for that elusive plus-.500 record) would really put us rolling in the right direction.

The so called "Walkup Crowd" has always been a big factor here. Hopefully after last weeks effort and the promised good summer weather, the line ups will be long at the ticket booths.

who cares, everyone should be at the game and not watching it at tv

Well this is the best of both worlds. Early start, great weather. I'm going to the game and there's still lots of time to come home and watch it again in high def with a couple of buck a beers. I know what I'm doing Saturday night.

Show some consistency on the field and the crowds will attend. So far it is still a crap shoot on which team shows up. Blackouts will never help the tigercats

The games should be Blacked Out if they can't get more than 20,000 to a game.

[i][b]You have a great passion for the CFL. Where does that come from? Where did it all start?[/b]

"I fell in love with the CFL watching Russ Jackson, Ronnie Stewart and Whit Tucker and the Ottawa Rough Riders in the `60s. l was an Ottawa fan because of the blackout which prevented me from watching the Argos and Ticats play at home." Sits Down With TSN's Chris Cuthbert[/i]

BOOOOO to blackouts!!!

BOOOOO to Scott Mitchell!!!

Im sure some of the members here remember going to games in the 80s, games with 14 000 in the stands. It really did s—!!

I know attendance has been really good in the previous 4 years and I think Bob had a lot to do with that ( free promos,discounts etc…) Maybe Bob has decided no more freebies and some Cat fans are going to have to come out and pay a regular price for a ticket.

Just like having great attendance, lousy attendance can also be contagious, ie , the 80`s.

I guess my point is, all the fans should get out to the game. We have a young exciting team. Printers, Lumsden, Moreno. Great stadium, nice summer weather. Nothing beats being at the game !!

i agree with whoknows, if we cant get 20,000 people out to a game, then we should have blackouts, its embarassing that the city's #1 team, cant even get 20,000 of its citizens out, ya maybe the team performance has been bad the last few years, but we should all have loyalty for the cats for its previous accomplishments and many grey cups