No Beer Sales at BC Place

The Religious right of the Provincial Government have won a quick one over Gordon Campbell’s Liberal Government. At a Caucus meeting last night, the MLA’s from the Fraser Valley (Known as the Bible belt)who hold a majority in cabinet voted to ban liquor sales at BC Lion Games held at BC Place. MLA Priscilla Primrose told Global news that BC Place must transform itself into a family style building and liquor sales was just inappropriate.

President Bobby Ackles was quoted as saying “He wasn’t concerned as the BC Lions do not get any revenue from liquor sales.?

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this morning there's news they'll build Condo towers around Lost Lagoon

they'll be an announcement at 11 a.m. this morning of a new Sonics arena in Seattle

BC Place is getting a Retractable Roof

and it's April Fools Day

April fools or not, I just have to address one thing. It doesnt take religious right to be oppossed to beer sales at games. I have contempt for people who cannot go to and enjoy games without beer. I will not take my kids to games because of the asshole drunks and loudmouths. In fact, I stay away myself for that reason, along with others like not liking crowds, etc. Has nothing to do with religion. I was so hoping that there would be a chance this was not april fools, sigh.

Im sort of on your wave length FYB, there are a few clowns that make it bad for everyone. I don't see the attraction of drinking 12-15 beers during a game (Especially at $7.00 each!), makes no sense. We are blessed that my sons companie's tickets are in 4 great sections with great people around us who act very responsibly. But I have seen the jerks you speak of, Juviniles in adult bodies.

isn't an MLA a member of the Manitoba Lesgislature Assembly?

Hey guys, I thought only NFL games had these idiot over-the-top drunks? These people should be kicked out of the stadium but unfortunately this doesn't happen enough.

There I fixed it for you! :wink: :wink:

lol well thanks sportsmen, ur such a sport lol.

They've actually started a new program that addresses the idiots:

The Esks have been using the Be a Fan not a Fool program at Commonwealth for a few years now... I dunno about success, but usually ushers, security and/or police are fairly rapid in ending any drunken shenanigans in the stands or on the field in the case of streakers.

That would be a MMLA Einstein.


Ahh, a problem at every football stadium I think. It's a shame because it ruins the game. I have two or three beers during the three hour game but I feel your pain regarding the juveniles. It doesn't help when they've been tailgating and drinking for 2 hours prior as well.