No Back up

In this league you need an CFL experienced backup to have success, the 2 the Cats sent out have never started or thrown a meaningful pass in the this league. In the NFL if you have a good D and running game you get by. Cat backups were lost, the 2nd and 3rd pick by Mathews were brutal. Does Harris get any reps at all in practice. The season just went up in smoke

Sky is falling posts just show you are a part time fan give it a rest one player dont make a football team BTW there is already a topic posted on this :slight_smile:

9 throws and lots of short yardage sneaks is good experience at this level of play at this point in the season! Don't worry it's all going to be ok ! Our D and Special teams will carry the Greenhorn along to the Grey Cup!! Three is a charm Right!!! :cowboy:

In this league you have a limited length to practice sessions (negotiated by the players in the CBA) so there is limited ability for anyone other than the first string QB to get any reps in practice. It is a fact of life. Sure Mathews and Harris could have gotten some garbage time reps in some of our blowouts, but how would this increase their chances at success? It wouldn't be like a "real" game for them so it (the experience) would not necessarily transfer over to future games when the other team is trying their best.

It is all too easy to be negative. Try to be positive, because, although more difficult to do, it much more enjoyable in the long run.

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Should be a league rule that there be plenty of good, experienced inexpensive backup QBs just waiting on standby to be signed by a team that needs them.

TiCats dont need a QB we have 2 very capable ones

And are they all going to be well-versed in every team's offensive schemes? That's one IMPORTANT reason why Austin isn't interested in bringing in another QB at this stage of the season.

Anyone think Masoli might get some PT with ZC out for the season?

I was wondering if they might use him like they did LeFevour a couple of years ago. Masoli was used in a Montreal game too in a wildcat package so I guess we’ll see. Might not see him right away but won’t be surprised if he does get into a game or two.

getting the cold sweats.. maybe im having suppressed memories of Masoli fumbles on short yardage plays. :expressionless:

These QBs should be instructed to learn all the teams' systems just in case and wait to be called.

Also on-line fans should learn how to detect sarcasm.