No Avatars?

Did some techie overlook the option of allowing avatars in the user profile section?

Although an option (that I've attempted to use), signatures don't seem to be "active".

Im sure it will be added? also I can't update my profile?

This site is too busy and Hard to Navagate..

you get used to it

I like it, although avatars were always interesting.

I have a new avatar...but the selection is rather scant in the Hamilton gallery. I would like to have my old avatar of Pigskin Pete if possible....will this and others from the old site be available soon?

Oski Wee Wee,

Could someone let me know how to set up an avatar? Thanks...

Click on profile on the left hand side (above the posters names).

Go down on the profile where it says 'select avatar from gallery' and click on show gallery.

Then select a category (Hamilton) and select your avatar. The current avatars are limited and you can't set your own (as far as I can tell).

Then hit submit and your avatar should come up on your posts.

I am shure they will ad them