No Atlantic Schooners at grey cup

have spent 9 months trying to get some form of assistance with the logistics of coming to Montreal
What the hell is that? I can't understand what the hell he is asking for. "Assistance with the logistics of coming to Montreal"

Assistance? Map? Money? Contact information? Storage? BNloc of tickets? Date with cheerleader?
Coming to Montreal. Well you could use a truck, bus, car, plane, train, taxi cab, boat and possibly rent a rocket from the Russians.

What did he ask for? How about you tell us Ron since you've got the edgy keyboard finger...(really unlike you btw).

I just heard an interview with him. The logistics support he needed (and got in previous years from the other host cities) was things like help in finding a venue, help in sourcing supplies, etc. John Ryerson has organized a Down East Kitchen Party in 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007. He wasn't asking for anything different from the Montreal committee that the Ottawa, BC, Winnipeg and Toronto committees provided.

He was not asking for financial support, just a little local help in organizing an event (and spending tens of thousands of dollars) hundreds of miles from home for thousands of people. The Alouettes organization never returned phone calls or emails. It sounds like the Montreal Grey Cup Committee acted like John Ryerson/Schooners/Down East Kitchen Party hadn't been a part of previous Grey Cups.

Barring a compelling rebuttal from the Alouettes organization, it sounds like the Als really dropped the ball on this one. I hope they do a better job on the field against the Stamps.

On the brighter side, they have already been contacted by the Calgary Grey Cup committee about next year's Down East Kitchen Party. And Riderville and Tigertown have invited John Ryerson/Schooners/DEKP to make appearances at their event.

Well, he spelled it out.

This sounds like a great mystery! Why aren't the Atlantic Schooners at the Coupe Grey? What did the Montreal organizing committee have to say?