No Argos using our building!

I have thought long and hard about this and despite the need and the benefits to the facility I can not have them using our home. Besides they might get a little too comfy and not be so foriegn when playing us at home.

good way to kill the cfl and deprive the city from much needed rental money all at once

Good thing its not you making the decision.

As I've said before:

You're being a Red Patch Baby. Don't be a Red Patch Baby.

Hmmm, speaking of which, how is my least favourite fan base on the planet doing?

Still whining about us I see. Good, good...

I'm OK with them using THF if it doesn't disrupt the Ticats routine and that "A" logo is not painted anywhere on the field. A stain like that will be hard to get out of the carpet and it will make the place look cheap.

they sould have to play there games around the jays or play the games on the road or play the games at UofT . I'm not shareing with a team that is not from Hamilton

Yea, How did you feel when McMaster denied The TiCats use of their Stadium when theTiCats were in need? :roll:
Does anybody realize that if not for Arblows owner David Braley, we would not have a new Stadium at all!

All good points I’m not denying. The purpose of this team and orginization is to win, and from a competitive point of view it helps them become comfortable and used to the surroundings at THF. I say no!

Please Elaborate how Braley brought us our new Stadium , was he the Pan Am President ? Am I Missing something here?

It's just bricks, mortar and plastic grass. It doesn't have feelings. Any event including an Argo game brings in cash. If it doesn't clash with any other activities or events, it seems like a no-brainer to me.

An Argo-Cat fan

You dudes should be happy a big city football team will squat in your Timbits stadium! :smiley:

Well I guess the Cats have to find a new stadium to play after all THF was built for Pan Am soccer and how dare the Cats play in it

Its just bricks and mortar BarneyFife says. It doesn't have feelings.

I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you over our throbbing 5-2 record....

May I also add that under NO circumstances DO NOT allow them to use our home dressing room !!! Even if we fumigate we will never get the stench and smell out. Let them dress in Toronto and climb onto a couple of old rickety school buses like the PeeWee team that they are , after the game let them get hosed down with the garden hose and straight back onto the bus back to Toronto. :lol: :stuck_out_tongue: :rockin:

I agree Garney i want every advantage possible. Especially in the playoffs which will likely be held here, against the Argos, who will could likely have 4 straight games in our home prior to the EDF.

Its nothing personal just a business decision. Lol

Please Caretaker/City if you are going to degrade our beloved new home by letting the enemy in, please dont let them practice here.


Its a shame the sale to mlse wont go through till after the season is over. Telling MLSE to go stuff probably would have been fun for Bob and the City.

For reference

Dates to MLB postseason.

If it helps the CFL, then it's a good thing. Maybe some of the Argo fans might learn to love Hamilton by being in our new stadium. As much as I loved Ivor Wynne, it was a dump with pretty good sight lines. We should be proud of our new digs and be willing to share with the less fortunate. :lol:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

David Braley was a highly respected member of the PanAm Board.
It was Braley who unselfishly championed Hamilton to get the PanAm Soccer Stadium, The show piece venue of the Games, Even though Braley knew full well that his own football team sorely needed that Stadium as his lease at Skydump was not going to be renewed.
Braley's Hamilton roots run very very deep, now he may need some help.

The only real downside to having the Argos at THF is that you just know they're going to cop a feel...