No Argos in the Grey Cup ~ YEA

I'm so glad to see that the Argos didn't make it to the GP.
Too bad Ricky (not the same as the NFL eh?)

All season, everybody seemed to "know what was wrong with the CATs".
Well, they've tried all kinds of different ideas and formations to no avail.

I'm sure the TC management will get it figured out.
Leave it to the experts, not the arm chair QBs.


ummmmm, yeah, solid post.

I'm sure DON MATHEWS will figure it out!

But the big question is: with Toronto not in the Grey Cup, what will the CBC announcers do with their pro-Argonaut bias now?

Rich Stubler's inability to come up with a defence to stop Montreal's offence, particularly the running game with two tight ends, has taken him off my short list for HC or DC.