No April Fools Here - Bombers Close To Signing Pierce

Argotom, like usual, has made the obvious factual statement, in my opinion. “IF” and it’s a big “IF” the Bombers sign Buck Pierce, it will be a huge mistake for the Argos. Certain individuals on this site, specifically in Southwestern Ontario seem to have the inside knowledge that medical experts do not, pertaining to Buck Pierce’s health and his ability to play at 100%…it makes me laugh!!! If the medical professionals deem Buck healthy and able to play then why a team would not sign him at a reasonable salary is beyond me. I hope the Bombers sign him and develope Jyles and Santos behind him. The Bombers then become a contender and that in itself, upsets alot of individuals on this site! Hopefully…better days ahead for the Big Blue and the best of luck to your team Argotom and other respectful fans on this site.

Not a question of "IF" the Bomber's sign him, it's "When" The Bombers sign him. We are #1 on Bucks list if his NFL tryouts do not payoff, i wish him the best but i strongly believe that no NFL will actually sign Buck when there are many 28-30 year old NFL experienced QB'S still free agents.

I dunno. i find it odd this came out on april fools day but at the same time the media writers seem to be pretty sure he's on his way to the peg so im not sure what to think. im not gonna comment until its confirmed that he's signed with us, and not with any other teams. i will say this tho, i hope to god the bombers or whoever signs buck made him take a really really intense physical and what have u cuz yeah if the guy is concussion prone, i dont want him but if maybe he's not, well then why wouldnt i want him. a real qb on the bombers, my god we havent had that since khari jones really... heck id say buck is better than khari was even.

....I'D SAY IT'S CLOSER TO 'WHEN'......Pierce sure looks good in the tsn. work-out clip....He says he's feeling really good and is healthy...OF COURSE no one is laying any hits on him and he's just playing pitch and catch with the receivers..(his shoulder doesn't look to be giving him any trouble) but all in all he's looking like a qb. i have to invite to my training camp and probably sign....We'll see :thup: :rockin: GOBOMBERS...

Yep it`s apparently a done deal! Am hearing they had Jyles in for a workout, and quickly realized they needed a proven veteran QB to lead this team. Should be fun

im not so sure about this rumor of having jyles in for a workout, that would be quite the well mike kelly thing to do...

lapo was on hustler and lawless the other night and spoke of not doing things like that.. did mention rookie camp and all the qb's would be there but said outside of that they arent allowed to work out guys who they have under contract, he did say they can come to town early and if they want too, they can "throw the ball around with eachother in a field somewhere" but i dont recall him mentioning anything about working players out.

i think iF/WHEN we sign buck, its not because of lack of talent on jyles or santos or dimichele's part.. its lack of experience i think and the fact that we had a coach last year who refused to bring in an experienced qb... just a guess but probably more likely than bringing a guy in for an "illegal" off-season workout.


Again, got a source?

If you heard it on a radio programme that might mean something; if you heard it at your local barbershop that might mean something else entirely. . .

yeah the only "source in this whole thing" i see that has anything to do with buck coming to wpg comes from the fan who started this topic, not saying he's wrong but like.. where did buck say those things? wheres the link to it? i just i dunno, i dont like these topics that proclaim pierce is probably on his way here... its just too reminiscent of pacman jones or other players in the past who "might" sign with the bombers, only to go elsewhere.. i just i dunno, would i like it to happen? sure why not if he's healthy, whats the harm really. actually, really if we sign buck pierce and he stays healthy or even plays 14 games for us, i think we'd be allright. and u know when u look at the qb's we have... assuming pierce signs and i figure this is how it would play it.. but PIERCE,JYLES,SANTOS.. pr- Dimichele. released/traded/i dunno - lefors.

thats not a bad looking qb depth chart. alot better than what we started with last season thats for sure.

odd lil note here but does anyone know who buck pierce made his first ever cfl start against in a regular season game?

thats right folks.. the winnipeg blue bombers... in a game that some may remember as the game where milt stegall had 4 catches, 200++ yards and 4 touchdown's in a bomber win against the lions here at canad inn's stadium.

The Bombers need to sign Pierce to have any shot at being competitive on the offensive side of the ball. If Mack lets Pierce sign with another CFL team, particularly an Eastern rival of the Bombers, it should be regarded as a major mistake on his part.

The sources are real, the TSN source that stated Buck was working out for 3 or 4 NFL teams and had interest from at least 3 clubs which is Winnipeg, Hamilton and MTL. Buck has said in the interview (link posted somewhere on here) that Winnipeg is a great organization and would love to sign here because he likes the direction that Mack and LaPo are going. I find it pretty obvious that the Peg is where he wants to be if his NFL dream fails to work out.

On that note Buck has turned down an offer from MTL due to the fact he would not be a starter, he turned down a T.O deal but not sure for what reason and Mack has made a contract offer already and Buck stated that the contract made was a great deal. We’re just waiting for his tryouts to be completed which is tommorow which is his last work out and so far no NFL team has shown enough interest to sign him, in the NFL they usually offer contracts just before NFL camps open and i don’t see Buck waiting that long as he just wants to play, Buck will be a Bomber within the next 4-5 days.

Again, link ? Source ?

All I've ever read is that Montreal expressed some passing interest; I have not read anywhere that an offer had been made and rejected.

All I've read regarding Toronto is Barker repeatedly saying he's not interested in Pierce, I have not seen anything about an offer being made and rejected.

You haven't provided any source that indicates Pierce turned down an offer from Montreal. Nor have you offered any source about an Argo offer. In fact all of the reports in the media regarding the Argos have stated that the Argos aren't interested in Pierce. (You beat me to it on those two, MadJack :wink: ) You've also provided no source that Mack has made a contract offer (he was quoted in the Sun on Friday as saying he hasn't). You've also not provided any source for Pierce's comments that he has been offered a contract.

Jyles must be very upset, he was basically promised the edge on the starters job, according to reports. Now I know nobody is promised the startes job outright, but he was reportedly assured of who he was up against, he used this in his decision process when weighing his options, should I stay with Riders etc etc etc

According to what reports? Do you have a source or a link? All I ever recall reading, when Jyles was signed, was that Lapolice was very clear that Jyles was being brought in to compete for a job, not that he'd "basically promised" anything in terms of him being a starter. Correct me if I'm wrong with a link or a source, please.

And I’ll back up what I’m saying:

"Jyles will be a contender for the starting role battling lefty Stefan LeFors while less experienced passers Ricky Santos and Adam DiMichele will come to camp as longshots to vie for the starting position. “We’re not anointing anyone as our starting quarterback. I will not be an early evaluator,” said LaPolice. "From the first day that I got here, we’ve said we wanted more depth at the quarterback position . . . “This is a great opportunity for me and I’m looking forward to challenging for the starting job,” said Jyles . . . LaPolice said he expected Jyles and LeFors to get the majority of reps in the first few days of camp. “Those two guys, having a little more experience would have a leg up, I would think,” said the first-year coach. “But the competition is wide open. DeMichele could come in and light it up and move into a more prominent role. We’ll evaluate after a few days and see where it goes from there.”

That is from: … 82847.html

Now, can you back up what you said ? What “reports” are you relying on ?

.....according to LaPo and the Bombers ,no edge was promised to Jyles whatsoever....In fact what has been least according to the media...there has been NO anointing....I.m sure Jyles thought at the time he'd have a good shot at starting but so did a few other qbs AND that was long before Pierce was released by the leos....You'll have to go back to the beginning of LaPolices' signing on with the Bombers and his comment that he will put this team in the best possible position to win....IF that means acquiring Buck Pierces be it....Jyles hasn't proven much in this league.....Buck has....In any event all of this does NOT say we're going to anoint Pierce either, IF we sign him...THE BEST QB. WE'VE ACQUIRED SHOULD START....and that will be proven out at training camp 2010 :thup: :wink:

Jyles had zero chance of beating out Durant. At least in Winnipeg its up to him to win the job. Pierce hasn't signed anywhere as of yet. Any team that signs Pierce to a 300k contract (starter money) is looking for trouble. Especially with a 5 year vet.

well, if we do land Buck… which I really hope we do… we should definately bring in some more competition on the
O-line… I think we should consider moving morely in to right gaurd opposite LaBatte… and have him and Hashem fight it out there… and start a couple of import tackles… unless we cant find an upgrade over morely at left tackle… which I surely hope we can…

I would want to start the most dominant offensive line I possibly could if I were Lapo… Maybe even get a better blocking RB… Bernard is a very good blocker… and can catch better out of the backfield…

Reid is not very good at catching out of the backfield… or blocking, but is probably one of, if not the fastest back in the league… and is very good at running like Charlie… only not as agile but is faster in top end speed… so if we are looking to start Pierce, I can see them leaning towards Bernard to start.

Everything i stated i heard on OB, is it reliable or just media crap talk? I do not know. But the FACT is Bucky wants to be a starter and he won't have that opportunity in MTL and that would really create a controversy with MacPherson. Hamilton, same deal, Glenn would start his childlike tantrems like the crybaby he has alway's been and Porter would not be too pleased either, this all adds up to MTL and Ham having major issues at the QB spot. T.O is light years away from being a contender again and you're right Barker has stated he has no interest in Pierce, but so did Mack before he had a change of heart. In all of Bucks interviews he mentions WINNIPEG, never does he mention MTL,T.O or Hamilton, like his latest in the Free Press:

"My agent is talking to some people and we'll let the process play out. I can tell you I think what the people in Winnipeg have done this off-season has impressed me, and I like what coach (Paul) LaPolice did with his quarterbacks in Saskatchewan. That's an historic fran?chise with great fans and it's a great city. Absolutely I'd love to play in Winnipeg"

Just tells me Winnipeg is his #1 choice and he will be signed by the Bombers within the next week!!

umm still tho, it seems when one rumor is started, it looks like 10 more rumors grow off of that rumor... i heard these rumors too b4 i came on here and posted, i heard that buck was 99 percent likely to sign with the bombers with in a week, i heard that too. i cant remember where but i heard it.. 1 thing i didnt hear tho was jyles being annointed the starters job, that is bullcrap.. ever since jyles has signed i see people posting stuff about how he was guaranteed the starters job or so they think yet every quote from lapo and the people who matter would suggest that he was brought in for depth. NOT TO START, if he wants to start, he's gonna have to earn it by beating out the other guys at camp.. if bombers bring in buck and jyles is still the best qb at camP, START JYLES.. buck can be #2 and the youngster like santos or dimichele (whoever looks best in camp) gets the number 3 job and the other kid can go on the PR.

i dunno, with buck, like ive said ive heard these rumors about him signing in wpg too.. i just refuse to beleive any of it until the bombers call a press conference to announce it cuz... "fans" being so sure of rumors, ive seen it b4 and what happened was that about 75 percent of the time when a "fan" predicts something or speculates on a player signing here... lately ive noticed people beleive it almost too much then that player doesnt sign and people crap on the bombers for not signing that player. pacman jones,burke dales are 2 recent names that come to mind. i dunno, whatever. id say enough talk, enough rumors, enough bs, just either sign pierce this week and soon or dont.