No April Fools Here - Bombers Close To Signing Pierce

Just heard an interview with LaPo on CJOB at 6:20 or so, he states the Bombers are very close to signing Buck Pierce, other teams are apparently interested but Buck wants to sign with a team where he has the best shot to start and has quoted saying "Winnipeg has a great market and great fans and i love a chance to play in a top notch city".

Other teams interested include T.O and Hamilton,Winnipeg had officially made an offer to Buck today and it is said that he is this past most interested in the Winnipeg Job and an announcement will come as early as Tuesday. Lapo has also maintained that he has been in contact with Buck for the past few weeks and Lapo stated he will beat any teams offer.

I am 100% sure the Bombers will announce Bucks signing early next week, LaPo wants him and he wants a team where he can be starter, Toronto made an offer that was MUCH less than Winnipeg's and Hamilton offer was also lower, but very close in salary, Buck maintains Winnipeg is the BEST FIT for him and his family. Mack and LaPo will have him signed by mid-week next week. I AM ALSO CERTAIN THAT BUCK HAS ALREADY SIGNED WITH THE BOMBERS BUT ARE HOLDING THIS INFO FROM THE MEDIA AND PUBLIC UNTIL NEXT WEEK!!

And about his injury situation, he passed an independent medical this past week and he apparently has been in Winnipeg sometime after he was released from BC and Winnipeg medical staff has cleared him as well, so who do the Bomber's release/trade come TC? Huge question


Buck has apparently turned down offers from MTL and Toronto this past week!!! Winnipeg has the best opportunity for Buck, his words and LaPos words, Mack and Buck/agent have been talking for awhile now, including 3 times this week and the latest being Today, i am sure there is a deal done and will be announced next week!!

Bombers are definitely in the mix, I love it.

Not only are the Bombers in the mix piggy, but it sounds like we are the front runners as Buck flat out turned down a T.O contract, he won't go to MTL since they have a starter in Calvillo and Buck wants to START and has said Winnipeg is an ideal city and a great organization. I find it funny how many fans were chatting about his injuries and Mack and LaPo had Bucky in the Peg to get checked out by the Bomber medical staff and LaPo/Mack have had numerous discussions with Buck/Agent for a long time right under everyone's nose, seems like LaPo/Mack had us all fooled.

Mack had 3 conversations with Bucks agent this past week alone, including one today and my guess is they MOST LIKELY have worked out a contract but are waiting until after the long weekend to make an official announcement, also Mack/LaPo would most likely want Bucky here for the official announcement, next week Buck will be here and the announcement will be made!!

Joe Mack says the Bombers haven't offered Pierce a contract.

It appears the Winnipeg Blue Bombers have done a flip-flop in their opinion on free agent quarterback Buck Pierce.

Mere weeks after head coach Paul LaPolice ruled out signing Pierce, reports indicate the Bombers are very much interested in the talented, but injury-prone, former starter for the B.C. Lions.

And when contacted by the Sun, Winnipeg GM Joe Mack didn’t slam the door on the notion of pursuing Pierce, the way his coach did.

“You never know how things are going to end up,? Mack said. “It’s always an evolving process. You’re always trying to gather information. But I’d rather not talk about any specific player. The knowledge could be used by your opponents, one way or the other.?

Mack did deny a report that said the Bombers would offer Pierce a contract over the weekend.

“I approve and navigate all the contracts, and I can say that part of the report is false,? Mack said. “We’re not in negotiations with any other quarterbacks at this time.?

Of course, Mack added, that could change in a day.

The rest of the article is at this link:

Leaving aside the massive can of worms that is Pierce's health, if the Bombers do land him, it's a great move for the franchise. In one stroke, they get a CFL-ready QB to lead their offense and immediately serve notice that they won't be a pushover in the East this season.

For the games he plays anyway... :lol:

So he says, it would not be the first time that a GM has offered or even signed a certain player and not let the cat out of the bag right away. If Buck has not signed with The Bombers as of yet, it will happen next week. On CJOB at 6:20 or so LaPo stated that they are in talks with Buck and/or his agent, LaPo sounded very excited and happy when he spoke of Bucky being a Bomber and since Buck has been here to see the medical staff already and LaPo/Mack have been having discussions with Buck/Pierce, if this doesn't tell you that both sides are close to an agreement than you're blind (not you exactly) SEEMS OBVIOUS TO ME

No this is not a joke, I just heard it on CH in Hamilton.
Also, how Buck's agent has possibly three teams in the NFL interested in him.

Point taken, but what's the harm to the team? If Buck gets injured, you go to your backups, but IF he can stay healthy, it might be just the extra push Winnipeg needs to make the playoffs.

Wow.. what a flip

In 1 thread you guys are saying he needs to retire and not risk his health there is no way the Bombers need his services... a whole different guys are jumping out of your skin for an offer that apparently doesn't exist

Thats funny, because it seems like kitticat fans said same thing about Goodspeed, they sign him and greatest thing since sliced bread, gets cut and everbodys says he's washed up. Thats the way it goes for every player, so get over it.

No flip here. I was, am, and will always be opposed to Pierce continuing his football career, given his injury history. He is foolishly jeopardizing his short-term and long-term health by refusing to recognize that his body can't take the pounding anymore. Concussions are no joke. Just ask Matt Dunigan.

However, Buck Pierce is a grown man. If he wants to risk life and limb playing a sport, he's free to do so, and teams are free to sign him. And a healthy Buck Pierce is miles better than any QB Winnipeg has at this point in time.

........certainly there has been NO confirmation from the club with regards to Pierce.....My thoughts about the situation are.....just like the new stadium.....wait till it becomes official(or not)....This is a very tough decision and many pros and cons will have to be deliberated on....I just hope they make the right decision... The BIG question IS...... is Buck too good to pass-up on....or too risky to sign.....Glad i'm not making that call... :wink: :roll: :roll:

depends what he is willing to sign for, if hes willing to accept a backups salary, then he is probably too good to pass up on, however if still wants a starters pay or close to it then he is probably too risky to sign, in case he goes down.

That is because most Bomber fans were concerned about his injuries, but now that we know that he was checked out by the Bomber medical staff and an independent medical staff as well and both say that he is cleared to play and is healthy, and an offer most likely has been made between Mack and Bucks Agent but has not been signed, expect the real signing early next week as there will be a conference held to announce the signing, Winnipeg is Bucks best option and has said it himself and the BB'S feel that Buck would be great addition to the Bombers!!

Papa LaPo was on CJOB yesterday evening as i have mentioned numerous times and it's pretty clear cut that the Bombers will make the biggest pitch for Bucky, yes Buck is healthy and is to good to pass up, that is why Mack has been agressive in discussions last week with Bucks agent, i don't believe that he is a risk to sign since he has been cleared by TWO medical staffs. Initially Buck was looking for a high contract like the one he had in BC, but he understands that he will not get that kind of offer from any team in the CFL (300K) he is willing to sign an incentive paid contract such as 150K/YR plus bonuses if he stays healthy and puts up the numbers!!!

I'll bet Jyles wishes he re-signed with the Riders.

The Argos again have missed the boat on a good CFL QB.
What else is new.

Report on Buck at a FA camp in the States from TSN: