No apologies from the Blue team

Looks like the A____'s are into this NFL/Bills thing with both feet. I heard on 680News tonight that owner Howard Sokolowski doesn't think there will be any threat to the CFL and does not think the NFL is coming to Canada. Or at least thats the way I heard the report.
Also the high priced ticket issue for the exhibition games and the money up front deal may not happen. Here's what is on

"Specific details, such as ticket prices and the opponents Buffalo will play, were not immediately available. The NFL will dictate the teams the Bills will face in their Toronto games this year while the price for admission is expected to be formally decided in the next week or so.
However, Phil Lind, a member of the Toronto group looking to bring an NFL team here, said fans will have to purchase tickets to all eight games but won't have to pay for them up front. Published reports have suggested the median ticket price will be C$250 but Lind added there will be tickets available for less than $100 each.
All of the games will be played at Rogers Centre, which will have a seating capacity of between 51,000 and 53,000 for the Buffalo games."

So there it is. Any takers from this forum?

Well in this fresh article from Canadian Press, Damon Allen voiced his confusion as to why Buffalo needed to expand it's territory since their stadium is always sold out....he doesn't seem to be able to figure out what they are up to.....

[i]Asked about the Buffalo Bills arranging to play some games in Toronto over the next five years, Allen said he was puzzled.

"I would like to have a greater understanding of the reasoning for the Bills to come and play here," he said. "I'm not sure what they're trying to do with the city of Buffalo. There's a lot of different angles on why they want to come this way.

"I do understand that 20 per cent of their attendance is Canadian. You hear rumours they want to broaden their season ticket base but I thought the stadium was full all the time. If that's the case, they need to build a bigger stadium to get more people in.

"Why they're coming here? It's beyond me."

Regardless, it shouldn't be a threat to the CFL, he said, adding that nothing can stop people from paying higher prices for NFL tickets than they pay for CFL tickets if they so choose.

"All I know is that the Argos are entertaining. The value to go to the games is great, and we're pleased with the fans who do support the Argos. Also, my understanding is that they'll be playing (in Toronto) pretty much after our season is gone. If anything is really good out of the deal, it's the fact they won't be playing in (Rogers Centre) until the CFL season is gone. That's probably the smartest move ever."[/i]


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Hmmm Here is a Thought for Everyone to think about .
What If the Bills Playing here is just as a Smoke Screen.
What if it where the Argos Are Waiting to Join the NFL.

The Owners of The Argos Sell Them to Rogers
Rogers Then Pulls them out of the CFL and They become an Expansion Team in the NFL.

Think Money it would save Rogers
They Say next NFL Expansion Team will cost over Billion Dollars to Buy.

If Rogers Buys Argo and Change leagues
He may have a Bargain

crackpot Conspiracy Maybe
I am just Whistling in the wind

What If I am Right...

The blue team is a little more handcuffed seeing how they will be playing in the same stadium and they would be more likely to lose season ticket holders if they didnt comply

the blue team needs to move to BMO, then even if the NFL did come here, which it won't, they will still do fine in a nice 25, 000 seat venue. if this does happen the CFL should try and get the argos to host the majority of their home games before the CFL season or when the Toronto "Bills" are on a road trip. Then the Rogers Center can still be used for grey cups.

if there are tickets available for less than $100, i'm in.

Buy your Argo ticket and you're in. :lol:

Go to Buffalo instead. Why spend over 100 to watch 2 non playoff teams play? I guarantee the game will be against Atlanta.

And if Toronto thinks they’re going to get a quality playoff team then they’re dellusional. Toronto is a joke of a city and all this attention one silly game is getting proves it. Toronto is a city with no personality, it’s just a place for 3rd world country refugees to escape to after they have exhausted every possible option.