Yes, apperently this is not a misprint. The boring game has set a record and and has smoked our Grey Cup by 600,000.
With the highest ratings in six years.
Global drew 3.960M and RDS a surprising 840,000, numbers which the Grey Cup would draw. The reason given according to my sources is the strong numbers in Southern Ontario because of the Windsor connection and equally as strong in BC, with the Seattle connection.
Even in the US, 90.7M viewers watched, making it the highest since 2000.
The good part is when you combine these overall numbers, it is conceivable how 100M viewers tuned in, a far cry from the 1B suggested being available.

IMO this is excellent news for football, Canadian football, American football whatever. Even if the Super Bowl outdraws the Grey Cup, not a big deal. Look at the marketing and exposure the Super Bowl receives, it should outdraw the Grey Cup every year by lots. But what I really like is that with hockey back, football is getting more popular, and what I mean is NFL football which really is only what you can compare, the Big 4 - NHL, NFL, MLB and NBA. This is what I like, Canada, the "hockey nation" is not just hockey. If the NFL wasn't so popular, our CFL and Grey Cup wouldn't be as popular as it is, we need the NFL hoopla and everything otherwise people would say football is all washed up. But it isn't, football is by far the no. 1 sport in the States and ratings are up there, and here. This will translate into keeping the CFL alive and well if our league is run well and has good ownership, most people here know our game has better rules but without the NFL getting good numbers, football of any variety would be in big doodo here.
Good news all the way IMO and we need to thank America for keeping the Super Bowl and the NFL as the number one among the big 4 there.

the other good thing is that NFL fans who watched the Grey Cup and then the Super Bowl might become CFL fans.

Plus, with all games in the TV now, this coimg season should be the most sucessful CFL season yet! 8)

And I think this is also why Paul Godfrey dreams of the NFL so badly, he knows MLB is slipping in comparison to the NFL, the NFL just keeps getting more popular and he wants in on it for the money it can make for him and Rogers. Baseball is losing out more and more to football in the States.

Yes Kanga, imagine if the SuperBowl were to get bad ratings, this would do nothing to help the CFL and football here.

Actually the real reson the ratings were high…

The Rolling Stones! :wink:

Good point Sportsmen, I guess this is the same for the Grey Cup also. The half-time entertainment does matter for sure.

I buy my tickets for the football not half time. I kinda wish they’d go back to High School or College Marching bands, and don’t let the teams sit for 30-45 minutes at half time.

Personally, I was pretty upset when I heard that the Superbowl outdrew the Grey Cup. Why can’t Canadians support our own game as well as we support the Americans?

I feel like making excuses … at least the Grey Cup usually beats out the Superbowl … granted, this year it seemed like there was a lot more Superbowl hype. Maybe because it was held so close to Canada, instead of in the deep south. Maybe the ratings are higher because it involved two northern teams (one of which is less than 2 hours from Vancouver). Maybe the Steelers being a 6th seed, maybe Jerome Bettis … maybe the Grey Cup wasn’t as watched because Montreal played Edmonton for the 3rd time in 4 years.

I still think it’s pathetic to have more Canadians supporting the Superbowl than the Grey Cup … Why can’t we idolize our own game? Why do we feel the need to turn to the American version instead?

I only hope that somehow, this helps the CFL in Canada more than it does the NFL … the CFL should be gaining in popularity, considering how many positive strides it has taken over the last little while … but popularity will only grow if people pay attention, and stop shunning it (why not embrace something uniquely and distinctly Canadian?!?)

(btw, I know that on these boards I’m preaching to the choir, since we all obviously love the CFL (the one thing we have in common), otherwise we wouldn’t be here … this post is basically for those who won’t be reading it)

if the bore got 4 mil., then thats what the grey cup will hit this season fursure...and even more when its in toronto in 07.

we all know its cuz of the stones ( my step-dad watched for the stones...he never watches NFL ), and 2 teams close to canada in a city close to canada...this will never happen again!

correction....says they got 4 mil...not 4.8 mil.( 4.8 might have been PEAK )

[url=] ... 2-sun.html[/url]

In Canada, an average of four million viewers tuned into the Global Television broadcast, up 11% from last year. Global estimates one in three Canadians saw at least a portion of the NFL championship Sunday.

The reason is simple.....People are drawn to big money and big production. I am a CFL freak, but they don't have the kazillion dollars to throw at whatever they want. I mean, how many people in the US watched it just for the commercials?
Money will always draw big numbers of people, always has, always will. Why do you think Royalty gets treated so well. Its not cause there smart! :lol:

Boys, what's good for the NFL is good for the CFL. The Stones were good for the SuperBowl and a good group or entertainer is also good for the Grey Cup. And excellent SuperBowl ratings for whatever reason in the States or in Canada are good for the CFL, for football in Canada. Don't get hung up on "the SuperBowl had better numbers than the Grey Cup in Canada." Hey, look at all the marketing and media hype of the Super Bowl everywhere, of course it's going to get good numbers, and especially with a group like the Stones! This all bodes well. The last thing we want is for the SuperBowl to get bad ratings - anywhere. Then we are in big trouble.

Earl's right this is good for football in general. If the NFL drew that many fans that means there are a lot more untapped fans out there who like watching football. And it'll be easier for the CFL to sway a fan of football to their game rather than someone who doesn't watch any football at all.

But how many fans are going to watch the CFL, or continue with the CFL, if the hype isn't there to keep them in it? If they're only watching the Superbowl because everyone told them to - ie, because of the hype - then will they still be interested when they see that the CFL can't produce nearly as much hype? Kris is right, people are drawn to big money, and big productions. I would bet that many people, maybe even most, didn't watch the Superbowl because they like football, but because they had heard so much about it. (I heard on the Fan960 that 3 out of 5 people would rather miss some of the game than the commercials.)

I guess my point is ... how easy is it going to be to keep these new fans if the hype isn't there? Are they going to be interested in checking out a different form of football, if they've only just been introduced to football, period? Or are they going to think, "hey, I like this NFL thing, and according to all the hype EVERYONE else must, too ... so I'm going to stick with it"?

i was playin poker, online the day of the superbore...and this guy goes WHO ELSE IS EXCITED FOR THE SUPERBOWL....i said who cares?....he responded with ..I DONT WATCH FOOTBALL, AND I JUST FOUND OUT WHOS IN THE GAME, BUT ITS A GOOD REASON TO DRINK BEER.


They have a better chance of sticking with football if they have actually watched a game. Yes some people just watch it for the hype but hey some of them might think wow football IS interesting and become hooked. Of course that Super Bowl game was far from interesting but the same basis of thinking is still there.

Same thing with the Grey Cup, there is still some hype for the game and there probably is some people who don't regularly watch football watching the grey cup because it's the grey cup or because their hometown team is in it or because they are NFL fans but just want to see what this Canadian game is all about. And after that fantastic game last year the CFL may have just hooked more fans.

That's ok drumming god. You see, I also like drinking beer at TiCat games and watching CFL, NFL games on TV. What we can show when CFL games are on TV is that the fans at CFL games have fun too, drinking some beer or otherwise. I have a great time at TiCat games having a few beers and I tell people that in Hamilton who are NFL fans only - you guys are missing out going to the game and having some fun.

Anyway to turn someone onto football. If it's the SuperBowl for their first exposure, fine, then they might like to watch the CFL and on and on and on, get in some discussions about the two leagues, players etc. Whatever gets them on to football, period, then go from there. I believe the CFL needs to follow the NFL more and more and more, have a first game music type thing on TV, all this kind of stuff. In you face hype, hype, hype. Anyway to get 'em in the game. Drink some beer, whatever. We need to promote that going to a CFL game IS an event, it's a party like atmosphere, we can do it like the States does in our own country.

It will be interesting the Grey Cup in Toronto for '07 and if the Argos aren't in it. It will be a big test for Toronto, can they show they can party and be a real football town. the last few years, all the Grey Cup cities have sold out I think and the fans were there. Winnipeg will be the same. Can Toronto deliver, can they show they can do it! Should be interesting.

I appreciate what you guys have to say about in general this is good for football all the way around. Call me a pessimist, but I don't think such numbers are good for the CFL. If the NFL and media believes such hype will produce record numbers, well I can't wait for next year. The only positive may be the crappy game may have turned off some football fans. It may be time to take a holiday out of the country during the Snore week leading up.

Do you think it would have been better if the numbers would have been around 100,000? A lot of CFL fans tuned in to the Super bowl because they like watching football. The more football fans that are out there, even if they are NFL fans the more chances the CFL has at attracting new fans to this great game.

Considering how disgusted I got with all the hype leading up to the Superbowl, a holiday out of North America around that time doesn't sound like a bad idea ...

My concern is still that if it's the NFL that turns the non-fan onto football, then it's the NFL they'll stick with. Sadly, there aren't actually that many people out there who would rather make an informed, objective choice ... and hence won't even give the CFL a chance.

What is truly surprising is the RDS numbers averaging 840,000. A figure that the Als would get for the Grey Cup. Could this have been the F-Canadian content with long snapper JP Darche? It is this figure with the Global of 4M average that gives us the figure. The earlier post from DG from the Edmonton Sun only has Global#.