No A\C

No this isn't about Avon Couborne not starting.

[url=] ... ool-ticats[/url]

[b]In a move described by one Toronto official as bush league, the Argos discovered prior to the game that the visitors dressing room at Ivor Wynne was oppressively hot, and that there was no working air conditioner. The feeling with the Toronto camp was that the Ticats purposely set it up so that there was no cooling unit in the room. The Argos had to dispatch somebody in the hours leading up to game time to find and rent a portable AC unit. Until then, all the players could do was hydrate like mad ... and think cool thoughts.

"The temperature inside the dressing room was 10 degrees hotter than outside," said the official. "All that heat drains the energy out of the players."

Game time temperature was close to 32C. One CFL player agent tweeted that Ivor Wynne was "stickier than the floor of a Bangkok whorehouse."[/b]

Sabatoge? Or just the old girl IWS doing what she can to help us out!

Not the team's responsibility, the stadium is City-operated. I would like to know how the agent knows what the floor of a Bangkok whorehouse feels like...

I didn't know Doug Brown no works for the blue team. (He (in)famously complained about the lack of hot water in showers a few years ago).

If anyone is guilty of any kind of "conspiracy theory" (calling Jesse Ventura, anyone? (lol) ) what about the blue team getting one of the best QB's in the league for a slightly used jock strap in the off-season? Hmmm?

Me thinks this is a case of the pot calling the kettle black. "He who is without sin shall cast the first stone" after all. :wink:

They should have run the showers full blast. The cold water could have cooled things down a bit.

I'm gonna miss Ivor Wynne.

Even the Stadium hates the Arblows!
Being a Hamilton Institution she just cannot help it! :lol:

I thought this thread was going to be about no Anthony Calvillo for the next game :thdn:


I don't care what anybody says, that was funny hahahahahaha :lol:

Who cares what the pansy Argos say. Why would they think they would be treated kindly when here?

My son plays rep JV ball in Hamilton and plays most of his home games at Ivor Wynne...I have only seen air conditioning units that go to the ticket office...Nothing in the visitors locker room that is used by his team...And the only thing that you could use to cool down in there is to sit in the ice machine!!!

Tough $#!+ Argos...

Actually back during the Winter Classic we had rented the ice at Ivor Wynne and got dressed
in the visitors room and could not believe the condition it was in. We had better facilities growing
up and playing hockey at Parkdale Rink. It crossed our minds that wow, Calvillo, Ray, Flutie, Moon, etc. used to
get ready in this crap, unbelievable!
I too, thought this thread was about Calvillo not playing this weekend.

How is this news? We’ve been hearing for years that the visitors locker room has no AC and is atrocious and inadequate. Most of the antiquated stadiums will be replaced over the next few years and we won’t be hearing about these types of excuses. I’ve sat through many a sweltering games at Ivor Wynne where the Ti-cats were destroyed. It didn’t seem to bother THOSE teams.

They showed the visitors’ dressing room at Ivor Wynne during the game to discuss that very subject, and they then accused Kevin Eiben of sabotaging the A/C.

They also said that the only person who could stay in that room until the problem was resolved was Ricky Ray.

A temporary air conditioning unit was eventually found.

Even the TSN commentators found the situation funny.

Of course, as a Tiger cat fan, I had a real good laugh.

..and no A/C (aircraft) either. Briang back the flyovers!

Let's not also forget how they poached Chris Jones from Calgary, Jason Barnes who promised to re-sign with the esk's, Scott Milanovich who turned down previous HC offers, and their training facility mysteriously burned down in the night so they could get a brand new one, hmmm... If anyone should be looked at when it comes to conspiracies, it's the Argho's.

Or just the old girl IWS
Ivor Wynne is a male.......please stop with the "old girl" stuff..... :?