No 1st Round pick in 2008

I'm getting weary of the Riders continuing the tradition of giving away their first round draft pick in the College Draft. We would have Clermont now had we not drafted that O Lineman in the supplemental draft, someone who didn't last very long. Why the 1st round pick? Why not trade a second or third rounder instead? Go to the CKOM/CJME website for confirmation.


That's true. Didn't we trade a first rounder last year to hamilton along with corey holmes in order to get Jospeh in the dispersel draft? Keep the picks and use them.

And have Crandell as our starter? Give me a break.

Thanks for that 2007 first round pick, Riders. Desjardins used it to draft DL J.P. Bekesiak, who is rumoured to be signing with the Cats before training camp opens, and who in all likelihood will be the next great Canadian run-stopper in the middle. Oh, did I mention he can play rush end too? You'll see him shortly at Mosaic stadium. He'll be the one sitting on top of Kerry Joseph every second play.

And have Crandell as our starter? Give me a break
I meant keep the first round picks from now on and stop trading them almost every year. I was just using that as an example from last year.Don't get me wrong we deffinatley need Jospeh. I couldn't imagine a whole season with Crandell as our starter.That trade needed to happen. I have no problem with that.

I think I would've been fine with Crandell, and im not sure why everyone gives him so much flak? I think he's got the talent and experience to get it done. But with his teeth getting longer, I'm sure the whole season would be a bit long for him.

When the Riders sign Jason Clermont in the off season, it will be a pretty good number one pick in my books.