No 1 draft pic secured

.....Can't blame the qb....Elliot gave it a good shot.....BUT how long has Lapo been in this league????.....Just brutal coaching by him once again....Completely lost it at the end of the game letting the esks. off the hook...Like i said in a previous post, he should be on a short leash at the beginning of 2011...I have NO confidence in him as a head-man right now..He better go to a coaching clinic in the off-season......AND by the way...Could somebody please inform Lapolice that it's a good idea to have the challenge flag handy in future games....The other team isn't going to wait around until you find one...Just crap :oops: :oops:

papa do you know what is was there late in the game that made LaPo and Reed each blow a gasket?

Wouldn't want to be Odell Willis at the team meeting tomorrow. . . I like the guy, think he's a great talent, but man those penalties he takes. . . brutal, just brutal.

Until he blew a tackle by not wrapping up on Porter (the play was called back partially anyway for holding by Nowacki), I thought Hefney was having his best game since returning. . . that was the Hefney that we knew and loved last season.

Also impressed with Douglas at LT.

But papa you're right about LaPo's coaching. . . sad to say. I had hoped for better.

....i believe there was a screw-up concerning the correct down....Even if we were correct you don't run on to the filed in hysterics....Call over the head official and get a correct call if you have a concern .. Getting a delay of game penalty at that juncture of the game in inexcusable :thdn:

Something to do with not resetting the play clock, Bombers wanted to run the clock down and call time out, ended up taking a delay of game penalty. But not taking a shot at the end zone after that was probably the dumbest thing I have seen from lapo all year. Even when the other team gave him a second chance, he still couldn't figure it out. he's either incredibly dense or just too scared to wear the big headset yet.

Not a very inspiring bunch of coaches going into next year I agree.

For a guy making his first career start, is brand new to the CFL, and has been getting only third stringer reps prior to the past week, Elliot did alright. I have to say I like him better than Brink at this point.

Totally agreed bowlerdude.

Brink showed nothing at all in his start. . . Elliot, while the jury is certainly still out, may have some potential down the road; Brink, not so much. . .

On that note, does anybody have their first mock draft ready? :wink:

......quite right guys.....Joe E. has impressed me....For a guy who came to the club late :thup: you gotta give him his due....Elliot has made a case for the third qb. spot...

......A little too early but we're working on it....Seeing as we have a shortage of nis'...I wouldn't be surprised to see us deal the no 1 spot for draft pics in the later rounds...orrrrrr a canuck player and a later round pic :roll: Baumann is an intriguing prospect in that regard.... :wink:

papa I stand to be corrected, but I think Baumann is set to become a F/A this upcoming offseason. . .

Bauman is a free agent and will likely get a long hard look at by the Bombers.

Elliot definitely has 'something', he looked very comfortable and confident in the pocket, they should have let him open things in in the second half.

Season over, 0 - 8 on the road, why are you playing for a tie ?

Like Herm Edwards said, 'you play to win the game' :lol:'re right MadJack....guess i should get a better handle on possible fas :oops: ...I'm sure the cats won't be falling all over themselves trying to re-sign Baumann ...He'll get a look from the Bomber brass....His home is just up the road from the Peg...( i don't think that should be used as a criteria for signing a player) but maybe a change of scenery could give his game a jump-start...He certainly has the tools....................... :thup:

papa when Baumann was first drafted by Hamilton, I had the idea that maybe there was another Fantuz here, but it just hasn't happened for him. He's showed flashes every now and then (latest being in the recent Hamilton win over Montreal) but just not consistently enough. You could do worse, may as well see what interest there would be. . . his big selling point as a n/i receiver would be. . . he's not Brock Ralph.

He'll be a Bomber, mark my words.And he's only been terrible due to severe lack of playing and and because he keeps getting changed out of position and on a regular basis too.Probably a worthwhile pick for the Bombers to sign a hometown boy, just like we did when Dave Stala was available.

I've always been a fan of Bauman and he definitely has talent. He's very inconsistent. I'd like to see us bring him in for a look at the least.. since he's a local guy, maybe he'll be more motivated.. change of scenery could help.. it'd be a low risk, high reward move for sure.