NLX, Natasha Alexandra

Anyone know much about her and her music? She is a Hamilton native according to today's Spec now living in NYC. I'm going to see her tonight at Brock Centre for the Arts in St. Catharine's as she is opening for David Usher, one of me and the wife's favourite artists.
(My bad if this should be in off topic, just thought more people in Hamilton would read it here)

Sorry, I've never heard of her. I hope you enjoy the show though.

Thanks bg, the few times we've seen DU we've really enjoyed him.

yes,she is a hamilton native living in NYC. she is playing tonite at brock. opening for david usher. hope this helps

Thanks figgy, had no idea. 8)

How do you know your usher's name is david???

I don't actually, just relying on my esp abilities which come in handy, dandy from time to time. :wink:

well if it's tonight it's probably too late for this but....

Thanks Jerk. The concert was great, David Usher is one heck of a performer, electric, and a few of the songs from the new album including The Music which is now on the radio and on Much is excellent IMHO, people loved it last night. He'll be at the Junos later this spring. He invited people on the stage and even me at 51 didn't feel out of place with some 16 year olds!

And Natasha was excellent, met her after the concert and told her I was from Hamilton and in the lobby where she was selling her CD's she started doing the Oskee-Wee thing and then calmly yelled "Go Cats Go" and the wife and me joined in. We got some interesting looks from people standing around, it was funny. She is talented, plays the piano and has a nice voice.

If you get a chance, check out the Brock Centre for the Arts, the Sean O'Sullivan Theatre, it is the best place I've been to to hear a performer, it's like a cave or something, very intimate and cosy.